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🔮 Nicky Alan – Her take on the JUSTICE (XI) Tarot Card! [with Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:042] 🔮

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In this show, we chat with Psychic Medium Nicky Alan and find out her unique take on the Major Arcana Tarot Card,

Number 11 (XI) in the Classic Tarot deck, JUSTICE.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 16th October 2023**




With Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:042

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co. Do uk.

Oliver (00:12):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us today on our podcast, and we are going to be talking about another card in the classic tarot deck again today with the lovely Nicky Alan psychic medium. So we're going to be talking about justice today, which is card number 11 in the major arcana of the classic tarot deck. And Nicky has joined me again today to talk about this card. Nicky, thank you very much for joining me today. Again,

Nicky Alan (00:38):

Oh darling, it's an absolute pleasure to be here and I love this card when this comes up. Oh my God, I do a massive whoop when this comes up in a reading, I've got to say. Anyway, thank you for having me, my darling.

Oliver (00:48):

That's okay. No, it's a very, very interesting card. So please, yes, if you could tell everyone your take on this card and maybe just give everyone an idea about the imagery in it, what it all means, some colours, stuff like that, and then maybe after that, how you might interpret it in a three card spread or even maybe even a Celtic cross dependent on the cards around it.

Nicky Alan (01:10):

Yeah, of course. Now with the justice card, this, she comes under, I call it a she. It's like people call card. She don't they? Yeah. And boats. So I'm going to call her a, she comes up under 11, which represents balance anyway, 11 in all numbers, numerology and the angel numbers also, it comes under the air sign of Libra. That's the first thing to remember with this card. So we see her holding a sword of justice. We also see her holding the scowls of truth. So first of all, I always see this card as truth, justice, and judgement . Okay? Now with the red robes, she's showing that I've got inner strength that I can look and solidly make decisions with fairness and balance. It's a strong base chakra colour that we have her wearing behind. We have the purple cloth, which represents using intuition and also the spiritual behaviour of karmic forces.


That's how I see it. That's how I've always seen it from a child. My granddad showed me this card. Perhaps modern descriptions of this would be different, but to me, this is how I would was taught them. We have this because I will go into the karma thing in a minute because it's very important in this card, and you've got the two pillars of justice. Everything's represented with balance. Can you see, because you've got the two scales. You've got 11, which obviously I know it's in Roman numerals, but it's one, one. And then we've got the two solid foundations of truth. It's all about truths and foundation and solidarity. This card, now, if you look, she's just got one little foot hanging out, which is the spiritual dipping in, and this represents spiritual karmic forces. So what's happening is the sword is pointing as above and the scales are pointing so below.


So it's all representing balance. Now, the white foot represents spiritual karma. So this isn't just a card of justice, as in you're going to court, you're going to win, you're dealing with the police or you're dealing with the courts or whatever it is. Lawyers law, the first thing you think of when you see justice, you think it's going to be to do with that. Yes, it is. So for instance, if the queer is saying, oh God, I've got a court case coming up, or I've got my divorce hearing coming up, and this card comes up and it's an next positive card, you're like, you're going to smash it love. You're going to absolutely smash this, you're going to win it. So it is a very favourable card for you winning in any sort of legal procedure. However, this is what I love about this card because it's got a little cheeky twist. The little toe, the little foot, the spiritual thing is, however, how have you behaved when judgement comes, right? So what it's doing is it's saying, yes, there will be justice, but what you deserve. So just say for instance, if you, let's just say divorce hearing for the sake of safeness, right? And you've been nasty manipulative, you've hidden things, you've been horrible, or you've intimidated your ex-partner, whatever. Then the karmic forces of the justice cards say that, well, you'll get what you deserve from your behaviour. There is a spiritual element of karmic forces involved in this card. That's what I love about it. So it's just desserts. However, if you've acted favourably, honourably and been honest, you will get what is reflected from your behaviour. Does that make sense?

Oliver (05:10):

So it's very karmic. When you said a minute ago, it's a very karmic dependent card.

Nicky Alan (05:14):

Oh, definitely, definitely. And I always say it's a bit like Santa, you been good.

Oliver (05:21):

You been good. I was just about to say Santa. It starts talking to the kids, isn't it? Have you been good? If you haven't, have you been skilled? Have you've

Nicky Alan (05:28):

Been a good boy? This is what's going to happen. So what I'm trying to get across from that is, is that God, we all get, we've all got bad traits in our humanity. However, if you are the instigator of lies, deceit, nastiness, it doesn't mean you are going to get justice just because the cards come up. It basically means that you'll be judged for how you've behaved and you'll get what's coming. So I've also had the argument about, because I always get in the argument is, well, yeah, but I lost in my court case and I was the honest one, but that person's now got to deal with his karma, and there's a reason that that's happened and you'll see how you benefit from that later on. And so something will always come about that brings that in, because you've got to remember as well, it's not just judgement .


There's compassion. That's part of what the purple vows about. There's a spiritual element to this card, and the compassion part is that she will, justice will be compassionate about what's happening in your life, and we'll warn you or encourage you that there will be consequences to your behaviour, spiritual consequences to it. So you will be rewarded for being honest, for being normal, for being friendly, for being amicable, and hence the person that hasn't been, that they will be rewarded in the same way, but obviously very detrimentally. Do you see what I mean? That's what I love about the cards,

Oliver (07:03):

Of course, because karma can get very complicated, can't you? If we start looking in depth to it and the actions and reactions and the stuff that happens as a byproduct of those things that people do may not be instantaneous, may they, someone might do something negative, and it could be 20 years down the line that you get hit with the karma off the back of that.

Nicky Alan (07:26):

Absolutely. But this card is telling you, she tells you, justice tells you, rest assured the karmic forces are at play, and then you've got to trust that because this is a thing. Sometimes I get people that say, I just want justice. And they go, oh my God, you've got the justice card. You are going to, so get it. You are going to get it. You are going to win in court, you're going to do this, you're going to do that. And it's almost like spontaneous other times, the lesson for you to get from that card is do not allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole of hate resentment against that person. Because what's happened, your lesson is to move on and trust that justice and all the other elements of karma will come into play and will rule you and condemn the other person as and when it's supposed to happen. And a lot of the time, magically temperance comes up next to justice, magically that comes up because it reminds you to be patient and it's divine timing and that everything will flow when it's supposed to

Oliver (08:29):

And try not to think too much and too deeply about the outcome of whatever that was for the other person, because that's their own karmic kind of cycle, isn't it? And I always try and think these days to just try and think as hard as possible every day to react and act and deal with the people I see daily with love, forgiveness, and compassion. I keep saying that, love, forgiveness and compassion because although it's very, very difficult for human beings to do that on a daily basis, all got our stresses and all those kinds of things, but I find if I just stay conscious enough to tell myself that love, forgiveness, compassion every day, it's a bit of kind of an affirmation mantra that I do. Then when those things come along and there's karmic things where you really want someone, I want them to get it, I try and remind myself just karma will move and that will happen for them. And it's not anything to do with you.

Nicky Alan (09:21):

Exactly. It is the hardest lesson that humans have to learn to send love, send compassion, and send peace to the people that have created hell in your life. It is really hard to

Oliver (09:33):

Do really tough

Nicky Alan (09:35):

Because if you sit in the energy, they're renting your head, your mind, your heart, and your whole being for free, and they're on their way waiting and the karma will come,

Oliver (09:45):

They're really damaging you, aren't you?

Nicky Alan (09:46):

That energy of you of not moving on from whatever's been brought to you. And I have to say, when I'm giving myself reading, and it doesn't even have to be a big thing, if I just think, oh God, when's that going to end? When's that? And then the justice card comes up. I think yes, it's the balance is coming soon because remember, it's not just about seeking the truth, it's about balance of the scowls. And so balance will be restored, and I always liken this card to Archangel rag, the archangel of harmony, balance and justice and ending things that are really pulling us down as a person. So she's a, don't worry, I'm here. I hear you. I'm sorting this out. You will get the result you deserve.

Oliver (10:31):

I was just thinking while you're talking as well there, it just reminds me of, there's a guru Indian guru guy I can follow on TikTok. He's quite famous, but I remember him saying in a lecture once that he was talking about good and bad and calmer and things like that, and he just said, A little bit will go your way. Little bit will go my way. And although it's very subtle, that's what it's about, isn't it, in terms of karma and people's lives.

Nicky Alan (10:55):

Absolutely right. And you know what? Sometimes it doesn't even happen in the lifetime. I've seen the karmic forces at play when souls go up to the spirit world, to the Caribbean chamber, so they will, it's the law of attraction. You can't beat the law of attraction. You can't beat the laws that exist, that what you give out to the universe, you don't get back. You will get it back. It will come back on you.

Oliver (11:20):

Yeah, I was just about to mention that actually it doesn't

Nicky Alan (11:22):

Matter about time.

Oliver (11:24):


Nicky Alan (11:25):

And my guide, Juliana says, you all think of TikTok time. He says, TikTok time makes me laugh so much. He said, stop waiting on TikTok time. Just let it be that the universe will flow in its own spikes of energy and deliver what needs to be deserved to each soul.

Oliver (11:45):

And he's so right. Yeah, exactly. And when he said law of attraction there, I was just going to bring that up actually, because that was something I wanted to ask you about the card as well, but you've just probably answered it for me there as well.

Nicky Alan (11:54):

Yeah, absolutely. And you literally, she represents truth, compassion, and balance. And so that's what you need to do with any situation, no matter how trivi it is, or if it's a major thing that's completely ruined your life, think of those three words and just send them, oh God, when I first start to do it, but I do it all the time now. People that annoy me or people that hurt me, and I literally put the truth, compassion, balance in a heart in my mind's eye, and I blow it like a kiss a bubble towards that person, and then I shut them down, lock them and move on. And I say, don't you shut it down before it becomes a cancer. Otherwise, it's like a malignant cancer where it just eats at you. What are they doing? Why are they enjoying themselves? Why have they got it good? And you're just literally living their lives

Oliver (12:45):

And you're telling yourself a story in your head, which is completely fabricated and not the truth. So it's a double whammy, isn't it? You're beating yourself up over something that is just in your imagination. Hi, hope you're enjoying the show today. Now we have a brand new horoscope email you can subscribe to@psychic.co uk. All you have to do is wait for the Pop-up to show on the website and then enter your email and star sign. And every Sunday nights, we'll email you a free horoscope for the week ahead. Now you can dive in one step further if you wish, and take a look at our Horoscope plus memberships. This is your weekly horoscope plus a lot more. There are three memberships to choose from, and we've covered all budgets we feel. So the Robin membership gives you private exclusive access to a more detailed horoscope on the member horoscope pages at the website, and a chance to win a psychic reading via Zoom each month.


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Nicky Alan (15:26):

Yeah, you're running a narrative in your head. It's not even in play. You're just projecting what obviously we all know, thought leads to emotion, emotion leads to behaviour, and then you're in the ramifications of you doing behaviours are going to come back on you. And again, this comes under the essence of the Justice card. So it really is about compassion release and let it go. But as I say, lots of people, well, what's going to happen in this court case? And it's amazing, the card comes up and Oh my God, you're going to smash it. And I say to them, have you been honest? Have you done everything you can to make this? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. Then that's what's going to happen. Sure. And obviously you read the cards next to it because some of the cards may say, oh, it's not as much as you expect, or It's not as great as you expect. There may be some sort of compromise or if you've got, for instance, the Sun card next to it, oh my goodness,

Oliver (16:23):

This is what I was going to say. Could you maybe just give the people listening just off the top of your head, a sort of quick three card, past, present, future or something like that, using the Justice card as an example, just what might be a reading. Yeah.

Nicky Alan (16:35):

For instance, straight away I can see the Seven of Swords, right? So is it seven? Oh my God, just a mind blank.

Oliver (16:44):

You need to go and take the 10 hour tarot course, Nicky. Joking!

Nicky Alan (16:51):

Sometimes you do though, don't you?

Oliver (16:52):

Because you actually, yeah, no, there's so many. I got that right.

Nicky Alan (16:56):

It's just so hard sometimes, and that's why the 10 Hour Tarot course, it's so

Oliver (17:01):

Incredible. It's a shameless plug because

Nicky Alan (17:03):

No, I know it's a shameless plug, but when you watch and listen, it sinks in more than you're trying to go through numbers and notes. You know what I mean? So I even plug it in and watch it sometimes we all forget

Oliver (17:14):

Exactly things. Do you know what I mean? And there's so many nuance meanings isn't there in between the card, especially in reverse as well. So meanings one

Nicky Alan (17:20):

Card, so many meanings, but for instance, say you've got the Seven Swords, and then you've got the justice cards in the present, and then you've got say, as I say, the Sun card. So in the past, it's past, present, and future. So in the past someone has betrayed you or stolen from you or gone against you and done something really secret or nasty behind your back or done something not for the greater good. And they've certainly done it to hurt you.

Oliver (17:49):

And that's the guy walking away carrying the swords, isn't it? Yeah.

Nicky Alan (17:52):

He's the one running off of the swords running away from the village. And so then you've then got the justice card, and I'm like, wow, this person really hurt you. And I said, I dunno if you're going to court with them. Yeah, yeah, I am actually, yeah, they cleared all my savings out when they broke up with me and the police had been involved, blah, blah. Oh my God. So I'm like, okay, well, the Justice card is saying yes, it looks like it's going to be really favourable for you, but hang on a minute, let's just have a look at the next card because it makes sure, because you know what the law's like and justice actually in the real world, the material world, well, not the real world, the three D world. And so then say, let's have a look. And if the sun, I go, oh my, you are going to smash it.


You've got the sun card, everything emanates, it's positive from this card, you're going to be an energy that you're going to be full of just complete happiness, exuberance, abundance. You're going to radiate so much happiness and contentment. Everybody's going to want a piece of you, yes, this really is going to work for you. Or potentially, we could have the judgement cards, perhaps it's a major Ana next to it. And then he said, actually, we've got to look at who's done what here. Potentially there could be compromise, because judgement always asks us to look at, it's very close to the justice card judgement card, very much look at who's done what and kind of get closure on it. So I said there could be compromise. So you have to look at if there's a positive or negative card connected to the Justice card, but if you've got a positive major, a card next to it, it is basically in the bag. I don't think I've ever had anybody come back and say, no, that was wrong. You're just, oh my goodness, you are going to get everything you deserve in this court case. You're going to get everything you deserve in this tribunal. Whatever it is. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So you have to be careful, and the more narrative you get used to in doing tarot readings, whether for yourself or for someone else, you'll start learning the do's and the don'ts of don't judge until you do put the next card down. Exactly.

Oliver (19:56):


Nicky Alan (19:56):

I look at kind of think, oh my God, and then I look at the next one and think, oh,

Oliver (19:59):

Oh, bugger. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was just thinking as well, obviously if you draw a kind of like a reversed, we'll talk about reverse cards. We are going to go through the deck with these podcasts in upright first, but just touching on the reverse, Pentacles, you could get reverse pentacle, high pentacle next to it, and that would be a bad sign or like a five Pentacles, wouldn't it? So you have justice, and that could mean that, whatever, it could be an unfavourable decision financially in court or something like

Nicky Alan (20:29):

That. But this is a beauty of a justice card though, because you've got the spiritual element incorporated into it. So for instance, it will say, I don't actually, Darlene, to be honest with you, you've got an inverted, or you've got reverse pentacle here. I'm just concerned that you're not going to get as much as you think you're going to get. However karmic forces are at play, and something will come into your life, which will make this all worthwhile.


It's not always about monetary gain or ha ha ha, I've got him back or her back. The spiritual element of the Justice Guard. So what I tend to do personally is if I was doing a reading that way, I would then do a clarifier, another clarifier on top of the justice card to see if there's anything that would enhance the fact of the comic. Perhaps a will, a fortune would come up, perhaps there's like cups, cards will come up for emotional wellbeing, perhaps there'll be a sword card come up that says, right now your mind's clear. You're ready to recreate, your head's sorted. Your intellect is back in there. This is the best thing that could have happened to you, even though you didn't get the money you deserved. You know what I mean? So there's always further stories to it. This is why sometimes I don't mind doing a quick three card past, present, and future.


But personally, I did a reading for myself last night with the QR tarot cards, and I just love doing readings for myself sometimes, and I don't necessarily ask anything. I'm just like, oh, I'll have a little play with them. And I ended up doing at least five clarifiers. I thought, I don't get what this is, because so many people say to me, I don't really get this reading. And I say, well get the 10 hour tar, but they say, I can't work out what it is, but sometimes you need to do extra clarify just to get the full picture, and it'll come because there were three cards that came up. I was like, oh, hell no, that's not very good. They were really not very good cards, including the Seven of Swords. And I'm like, that's not great. But then I then did the clarifiers on them. I then realised what it was all about, and I'm like, wow, that's cool. That's really, really good. And so sometimes don't limit yourself to how many cards you think you should put down on specifically something like the Justice Card. Keep going until you actually get the answer.

Oliver (22:54):

Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Nicky Alan (22:55):

Everybody says you can't. Oh, you can't have any, you can only have two cards. You can only have three now. You can put as many

Oliver (22:59):

As you want. No, exactly. And when you're learning with the 10 hour Tower course, it is like, we'll do one card, three card month by month, and then you'll learn the Celtic Cross. But like Nicky just said, eventually you're going to move into, you can deal out however you want. I mean, I'm sure Nicky, like I do, there's plenty of tarot readers out there that just will have their own way of just putting their cards down and reading. So

Nicky Alan (23:23):

Absolutely. It's the same thing just out of interest the other day, because there's this new reading. I know we're digressing a bit. There's this new spread that I've come across with a wonderful gift that someone sent me who follows me on YouTube, and she sent me these wonderful Archangel Michael cards that I've never seen them for. Absolutely beautiful. And there's a new way of doing, it's called the Archangel Michael Sword Reading, and I'm going to introduce that, actually, I'll have to show you. I must try that. And then I think, wow, that's lovely. And then I thought, just out of interest, and I dunno what made me do it, perhaps it's because I knew that it'll be brought up in this conversation, but I looked up the Celtic Tarot Spreads, and so many people read it so differently. They'll say that a particular card position means this. And I'm like, no, it don't. I was taught that. So always stick with what your intuition says.

Oliver (24:18):

Yeah, yeah. And we on tarot, say we, but on 10 Tara, we tell you how to read the Celtic Cross in a certain way, but I think it's Victoria that does it. But she does say there's several different ways of reading the Celtic Cross, like you just said. So there's no hard and fast way of doing it, but learn that way and then decide if you want to change it around. Exactly.

Nicky Alan (24:39):

And then what you do is, if that's your intuition, you said that, and then try it out on a friend or somebody, if it makes sense. Perfect. That's the way you do it. That's the way you've channelled it. So there's no hard and fast rules, but I would certainly go by what we recommend as experienced tarot readers. And then you put your little shine on it, and as long as it makes sense to you, or if you are having someone sit for you, perfect. Keep going.

Oliver (25:04):

Fantastic. Exactly. Well, thank you so much for joining us today, Nicky, to talk about the justice card in the major I can in the classic tarot deck. It's been fantastic, again, to have you with us. Thank you for delivering all that content for everyone and telling everyone what that was all about. I want to just say before we go that if you are enjoying these podcasts on Psychic social, please do leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, especially if you can just drop down there and give us a quick review. And yeah, if you want to find Nicky, you can find Nicky on her website, which is www.nickyalan.co.uk, and we'll put a link in the show notes, and we can also find you on YouTube, can't we, Nicky, in various other places. But yeah, that's where Nicky resides mainly.

Nicky Alan (25:46):

I reside on most of the social sites, but YouTube, I have to say, has got the most beautiful, I call them my tribe. Great following, isn't it? Beautiful community. Everybody supports everybody in the comments, and I of course answer all questions concerning what anybody wants to know. So come along and join us there as well. And yet again, thank you for a lovely, lovely little connection and conversation on a very powerful card in the tarot.

Oliver (26:11):

Well, thank you again, Nicky. It's lovely to chat with you again about the cards and we'll see you again for the next one, which will be the Hanged Man. So look out for that one.

Nicky Alan (26:21):

Love it.

Oliver (26:21):

Alright, thank you, Nicky again. Take care now. No, thank you. See you. Bless.

Nicky Alan (26:24):


Nicky Alan (26:25):


Imaging Voice (26:34):

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