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🔮 Nicky Alan – Her take on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE (X) Tarot Card! [with Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:041] 🔮

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In this show, we chat with Psychic Medium Nicky Alan and find out her unique take on the Major Arcana Tarot Card,

Number 10 (X) in the Classic Tarot deck, WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 6th October 2023**




With Medium, Nicky Alan PSPE:041

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver (00:12):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us today on our podcast. We are going to be having a look at the classic Tarot deck again. Now, we've not been doing one of these for a while. We've done a few so far. We've moved our way up to the hermit card in upright, and now we're going to be looking at the Wheel of Fortune in the classic tarot deck. And today we've got an absolutely spectacular guest here today to talk with us about the classic Tarot deck and about the Wheel of Fortune card in upright. It is the wonderful psychic medium. Nicky Alan. Hello, Nicky. Thank you for joining us.

Nicky Alan (00:47):

Hello, darling. It's the pleasure.

Oliver (00:51):

It's wonderful to speak with you again. We look

Nicky Alan (00:53):

Too, it's a good one for me to start on. I love this. I feel like I'm on a game show. Love it.

Oliver (00:58):

Yes, it did make me think about the song. We were talking about that beforehand, before we started recording, didn't we? From the game show. Yeah, it sticks in your head, doesn't it?

Nicky Alan (01:06):

Yeah. I love it when this card comes out. It's just a real whoopy whoopy. Yes. Get in there card.

Oliver (01:11):


Nicky Alan (01:12):

It for someone else, it's like, oh my God, you are so coming to something magnificent. I love it.

Oliver (01:16):

It's a fantastic card, isn't it? And it has lots of things going on in it. So without further ado, do you want to tell us your interpretations, first of all about the imagery in the card and then maybe we can discuss about the colours and stuff like that afterwards?

Nicky Alan (01:30):

Yeah, of course. Do you know the thing that I love about the Wheel of Fortune tune as well is it's the only card that covers different zodiac signs because the angel that's represented on the card represents Aquarius. The eagle is a Scorpio, the lion is Leo, and the bull is Taurus. You know that?

Oliver (01:53):

Yeah. Well, I think I did remember that from somewhere also, all in all four corners there

Nicky Alan (01:58):

You've got

Oliver (01:58):

Those animals

Nicky Alan (02:01):


Oliver (02:01):

They represent

Nicky Alan (02:02):

Those. So he's giving you a basis of all of the Zodiac, well, those zodiac elements that are going to bring strengths. If you look at like you've got Leo the Lion, haven't you? He's big and Rah, you've got the Scorpio with a bite on the end, even though he is a water sign, the Taurist, the big ball, and it's just, and the eagle, the strength of the eagle and seeing things from a higher point of view, a bird's eye. So with the Wheel of Fortune, I see it as good luck, karma. It's like whatever you've put into a situation in the past is finally coming into fruition. The Wheel of Fortune. Do you know I always see it, right? Do you know it is the game show, isn't it? What one is it? What's the game show called?

Oliver (02:43):

Wheel of Fortune, wasn't it when it was on? Oh, was it called? Yeah, it was with the Nicky Campbell, wasn't it originally? I think going back, anyone who's old enough to remember, yeah, I tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.

Nicky Alan (02:55):

Then you get a prize or whatever. The thing is though, the prize is already in the Wheel of Fortune because it's telling you that whatever you've put in the past, you are getting the repercussions of it. But this is normally if you've put in positive vibes. So for instance, if you've gone, my God, I really need to move, I need to move. I'm going to manifest it, I'm going to visualise it. I've worked so hard to make this house look lovely so I can sell it. I've kept the energy going, blah, blah, blah. And then suddenly the widow fortune comes and I'll be saying, oh my God, here you go. This is your karma up. This is your opportunity. Jump on it quick. Get the house up for sale. Because all of that stuff that you've invested and put into this is now coming to fruition.


It's a massive turning point. It is the time of destiny. So when you've got the Temperance Card, I don't want to get too confused with the Major Arcana’s but the temperance is like divine timing and this divine timing is with you here now. So whatever opportunity you've been thinking of taking up, doing whatever changes, go for it or it will be delivered. Your destiny is here and the Will of Fortune is bringing it to you. It's just such a positive card of look, you've been through this, you've done through that, and now here you go. This is what we've given you. We've given you all the basis of all the different Zodiac signs. You are completely in the best energy. You are possible at the moment to receive this bang. Here you go.

Oliver (04:22):

Okay, so if you've been going through, sure. So if you've, someone had been going through a particularly bad time recently or months or weeks or years, and then this car might come up in a reading, it means that that positive karmic wheel is spinning round and going to be pointing towards them and delivering some good karma back to them for good that they've done in the past sort of

Nicky Alan (04:45):

Thing. And likewise, just so if it's perhaps you've got a horrible wax that you've gone through a divorce or something with, and the wheel of fortune is to say right now control's coming back, stability's coming back, you are now being given opportunities. You are getting the karmic ramifications of how you acted throughout this, but guess what? They're going to get theirs as well.

Oliver (05:04):


Nicky Alan (05:04):

There's almost a kind of ending to it. There's an ending to an era when the word of fortune comes in because it's like it's changed now, adapt, go with it, go with the flow and move forward. Because it's just basically rounded up a whole era of whether it's positive or negative time and you've got to jump on and go for whatever it's bringing you for the future, if that makes sense. It can also very aligned really to the tower as well because it will show you a critical point of your life where it's now time for you to move, jump, sit back, whatever it is. It gives you that critical turning point where it says, right, this is what we need to do now. And this is what I love about it because it even implements the fall into it zero of the tarot

Oliver (05:50):


Nicky Alan (05:50):

It's saying, look, you may even be a bit dodgy. You might feel a bit vulnerable, you might feel a bit, oh God, but jump do it now because you will land, you land in roses, it's going to be great. Have the faith to know this is your time to jump on this opportunity because it's going to be fine. It's going to work. And it's like taking a leap of faith during this time shift that's happening with as the wheel of God, the wheel of fortune comes in. So the other thing is as well, what I love about it is you've got the water sign coming in there as well with the Scorpio. So we are making sure that you listen to your intuition, you listen to whether this is right or wrong, whether it's the ego or it's for the greater good, and if it's for the greater good 100%, you are going to jump into this opportunity that's going to bring you abundance and take you to the next stage of your life. I love it. It's literally everything about tarot and spiritualism. It's just having the faith and knowing this is your time and go for it. And if I had any decisions to make and that came up, I'd do it. I've actually, I think I even put it in my book. I actually did on the turn of a card, put my house up for Sal


And just say, right, that's it. I'm moving. I'm going to move to Devon. And that was on the turn of a tarot card

Oliver (07:10):

And you pulled the Wheel of Fortune.

Nicky Alan (07:12):

In fact, I'll have to check, but I'm sure it's a Wheel of fortune without Angel Michael. And it said, time's done here. Now it's time for you, excuse me, to change, make that change. This is the opportunity, jump on it now I see it as opposed to a vertical wheel, I sit like a carousel and I see it slowing down and whether it's the eagle, the lion, I normally see it as a lion or the ball. I just grab hold of it and jump on it. And that's how I see it in my third eye.

Oliver (07:48):


Nicky Alan (07:48):

Visualise it and I think, oh my God, it's time for me to jump on. This is going to take me somewhere

Oliver (07:52):


Nicky Alan (07:52):

I jump on it. And that's how I see the Wheel of Fortune in that way.

Oliver (07:55):

And it's that aspect I think of the universe is on your side as well. Like you say you were pairing it earlier, what you said about the full take, the leap of faith. You've got the wheel of fortune there. The universe is on your side. So this card is very much saying the universe has got your back when you see this card.

Nicky Alan (08:11):

Absolutely. And even with the serpent, the snake going down, some people see that as, oh, but it's not. It's literally healing. It's your time to take you what is owed. And even the Eagles holding scrolls, I think I'm sure that, is it a Torah or something? I'm sure there's something to do with Hebrew connections with this card. If I'm right, I can't remember. I'll have to Google it.

Oliver (08:35):

Well, they're all kind of looking into a book. They empty pages on the book, but they

Nicky Alan (08:39):


Oliver (08:40):


Nicky Alan (08:40):

The book. Yeah, I think they most probably represent when I see this card, I feel they also represent your belief systems like certain religions, if they're open to using tarot, you've got all different type Bible, the Torah, all the different ones, the Quran, and I just feel like this card is sent, doesn't matter what your belief system is, it doesn't matter where you stand, your opportunity, your natural karmic force of whatever you've put into a situation or whatever is coming in. A situation is here now, jump on it and it's 10 at the end of the day, which always represents the end of a journey. End of

Oliver (09:16):

The journey. Yeah, yeah. Is that like we see in the minor arcana? Yeah. So I was going to say like we see in the minor arcana when we go from all the way through to the tens and then after that you moving on to the court cards, that 10 is rounding off the end of that journey from the beginning, isn't it?

Nicky Alan (09:31):


Oliver (09:32):

For the ace to the 10,

Nicky Alan (09:34):

It's the master number

Oliver (09:35):


Nicky Alan (09:35):

It's basically saying, this is all good. So it's the end of an era. Jump on the next one with happiness because you've now created this great opportunity for yourself. It is literally a card of opportunity, karma, happiness, turning point, destiny, whatever you want to call it. It's just the end of a life cycle at the beginning of a superb one.

Oliver (09:58):

Sure. Well


That's a great explanation of that. And before we move on to talk about the kind of colours, I just wanted to ask you directly about this kind of while we're here about the devil. Underneath it seems appears to be a sort of devil character propping up the wheel underneath. What does that signify? What's that all about? Hi, I hope you're enjoying today's podcast. Now, I wanted to tell you about our brand new horoscope membership at psychic.co uk. It's called Horoscope Plus, and it's your horoscopes every single week from our astrologer plus a lot more. So you get your free horoscope every week with your Robin membership. You can sign up for free on the membership page, that's psychic.co uk slash membership. We'll put a link in the description of this show in the show notes, and you can go there and you can sign up straight away for free and you'll get a personalised general horoscope each week, and that'll be available on the website every single Monday.


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Nicky Alan (12:19):

I see that as, because obviously we're dealing with yin and yang and balance and so we have to have any, I think it's kind of relating to do, the devil card itself

Oliver (12:29):


Nicky Alan (12:30):

All about toxicity and staticness staying situation

Oliver (12:34):


Nicky Alan (12:34):

You can't move out of and all that. It's a very controlling,

Oliver (12:39):

Very heavy card

Nicky Alan (12:41):

Addictive card that you could be completely trapped in. And I feel like because he's underneath it and the wheel's moving, it's like it could represent you coming out of something that's toxic. You coming out of a situation where perhaps you were under the influence of the devil, if you like.


Because the thing is, the reason why I always see that in this colour, I could be wrong, but this is how I read it. I've never studied them or seeing what the meaning is. I've always gone with what I've been taught from up above and from my granddad. But what levels out with that is that you've then got the snake, which I love because he's at the top, which represents the top of hist is almost level with the sphinx, which represents knowledge and wisdom and strength. Look at the sword, which I always liken to my goal. I'll go to my goal. And then he's also going right the way down. One, he represents healing, but two as above, so below. So he's got his tower in the clouds, but he's also down below with the devil. So it's awareness of good and bad in situations. It's awareness of being able to delve down into the underworld.

Oliver (13:47):


Nicky Alan (13:47):

You know what I mean? So it's very spiritual significance to it because I feel like also this represents and it's not heaven and hell, but it's representing as above, so below

Oliver (13:58):


Nicky Alan (13:59):

The dual force of the divine and the negatives and the yin and yang that take place on the planet. That's how,

Oliver (14:06):

Yeah, the duality isn't it? Yeah. You have to have, like you said earlier, you have to have on earth, there has to exist good and bad, dark and light, good and evil. You have to have that equal balance of the two. And I truly believe that although a lot of people will go through their day-to-day lives thinking everything's bad and everything bad happens to me, ultimately, I still believe that there is an equal balance with that yin and yang of good and bad, light and dark.

Nicky Alan (14:31):

Yeah, absolutely right. Maybe

Oliver (14:33):

You're right. That's it.

Nicky Alan (14:34):

What he says, you can't see the stars without the dark.

Oliver (14:36):

Exactly. Yeah. They have to be together, they otherwise we don't have existence without the two things being together like nothing and something you have to have nothing to have something and you have to have something to have nothing.

Nicky Alan (14:48):

Absolutely right.


And I just feel like actually I'm really enjoying this because I don't sit and look at all of the imagery. I just say, oh yeah, I feel like this is what this means for the reader or whatever. But it's a very, very powerful card. I think it's one of the most powerful cards in here because it really is. It holds the devil in respect of that. Perhaps you're coming out of an unhealthy relationship and it's acknowledging that and that this is just a whole new change for you. And I've seen people's shoulders go, oh my God, thank God. Do you know what I mean when you say you've got the word of fortune because you are going onto a better life. You are literally, you're going through a critical turning point, which is taking you into something so magnificent

Oliver (15:37):


Nicky Alan (15:37):

Hang on in there. And of course, bright yellow wheel, it reminds me of, well, orange, orange in the ride of weight, but it reminds me of everything like the yellow and either side is the sun. They've depicted the four zodiac signs as yellow and Aquarius and obviously the eagle, the ball, and they're in yellow and they're all around clouds. It's all divine timing as well. It's all now it is your destiny. That's what I love about it. It's just floating in the clouds of,

Oliver (16:09):

It's a great card. It is one of my favourites. And actually I did in the last two weeks, I would do probably one past, present, future reading a week, sometimes maybe a bit longer in between readings for myself. And I did a past present future in the last two weeks ago, and I got Wheel of Fortune for the future, and then I did one last week and I got the Wheel of Fortune for the future position again in upright. So yeah.

Nicky Alan (16:32):

Oh my God, that's brilliantly always. Unless there is a really negative card next to it. So perhaps a person's a negative Nelly and they've just been doing all of this, or unless there's a negative card next to it, it just represents nothing but good luck and happiness. It's just literally you're done. This is your fairy tower ever after this is what you've been waiting for, it's coming, it's here. And

Oliver (16:57):

If it is next to a negative card, sorry to interject, but if it is next to a negative card, not particularly negative card, but say, what am I thinking of? Is it the five of Pentacles or the three of Pentacle? Which one's the lack Pentacle card?

Nicky Alan (17:11):

Yeah, five.

Oliver (17:12):

Five Pentacles. What if it's next to that or next to a Swords, a heavy Swords card, what does that represent?

Nicky Alan (17:18):

Well, the thing is that if you've got a negative card next to it, then you've got to then read the next card after that because what you need and what position it's in, in the reading,


Because you've got to go by intuition to see if the negative energy is from the past and it's now ended or because of the way they've been or acted, they've created a karmic turnaround of negativity. So for instance, if we look at perhaps it's negative, say that you've got the five of swords or the five of wands, this discord chaos and people not agreeing with each other and all the rest of it, and you've got that next to it, I'd say, I'm not being funny. Do you know we're talking about your ex, but have you been going around them and creating problems? Yeah, of course I have. I hate him, blah, blah, blah, blah. Do you know what I mean?

Oliver (18:08):


Nicky Alan (18:08):

I say, right, well, the problem is you're trying to get into a new life here, but you're not because you're still connecting yourself and still negatively connecting with people from your past, and you're keeping yourself in that energy.


But if you've got like the sword, say that you've got the word of fortune, then you've got a sword, then you've got a positive card or perhaps a wand card of action, then I would be saying to them, hang on a minute. So there was this negativeness in the future. Yeah, no, I haven't spoke to him for years now. Now I've had a few problems with him. He's been nasty to me, but now I've tried to move on. I said, oh, that makes sense. Now you've got say the 10 of wands, you've got this burden, and then I'll look at the next card and it'll pre, I dunno, the sun or something. So really, without getting too complicated and not confusing the listener, you really have to look at the cards next to it. But I would say normally if there's a negative, intuitively, you'll know if it's a negative card next to it and you say to 'em, oh, hang on a minute, you haven't let go of this shit, have you? No, I hate him. No, I'm not doing it. Or You're going to stay in this job. Yeah, I'm not moving. I'm not moving. So it can be a warning for the person doing the reading, actually, because that's quite a valid point I've just brought up without realising it.

Oliver (19:23):


Nicky Alan (19:23):

There's a negative card next to it. Say you've got the devil next to it, or as you say, like a chaos card next to it. I'll say, hang on a minute, you're not doing this opportunity, are you? You're not going for this? No, no, no, no, no. I might not get it. I'm not going for this job. I'm staying where I am. And I say, well, the problem is is that you're going to stay in the same negative situation you are now then because the opportunity is there for you to change your life, but if you're not going to change it, you're not going to move on from what you want to move on from.

Oliver (19:49):


Nicky Alan (19:49):

That make sense?

Oliver (19:50):

Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Nicky Alan (19:52):

So it is part of the narrative of the reading and what position it is in the cards. But if it's near future, if it's in a near future position, I'd say, do you know what? You're not going to take this opportunity, are you? How'd you know that? Well, because you've got this car deal that says that you're not moving, you've got the five app Pentacles here,

Oliver (20:08):


Nicky Alan (20:09):

Is you out in the cold. It's like almost a self abandonment because you're not going to take this opportunity. Well, no, I'm too scared. Would you know what? If you don't, this is what's going to happen in the near future.

Oliver (20:18):

Right, I see. So a clarifier might need to be pulled sort of thing.

Nicky Alan (20:22):

It can be a warning depending on where it's, but if it's in the past, if it's in a past card, if it's behind that current, the world of fortune, you're laughing, oh my God, all of that chaos, all of that loss of money, all of this misery, all of the pain that happened in the past, don't worry. You've got a new load of beautiful new era coming, crucial turning point in your life that's now all ended like the tennis swords, it's all done. It's end of pain, it's end of betrayal, it's end of everything you're moving on. So position of the card, what's next to it and what follows it is really important on the Wheel of Fortune for you to know which way the clearance is going to go, which way the readers that sit is going to go. And then all you can do is warn them, God, how many times I've done it, you need to leave your partner. Oh, no, I'm too scared. I don't want to, well, I know you're too scared, but you need to because you're just going to be acting in the same position if I do reading for New Year's time.

Oliver (21:19):

Well, that's fantastic, Nicky. Thank you so much for that. We've had a great explanation here on Psychic Social Today for the Wheel Fortune from Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan, thank you very much for joining us today for this, and we'd love to have you back for the next card if you'll come back and discuss justice with us on the next podcast.

Nicky Alan (21:35):

Oh, justice, justice. Oh, it's right down my street.

Oliver (21:37):

Sounds good. Yeah. Oh yes, definitely. Alright, well we'd love to have you back. We thank you very much for joining us today, Nicky Alan for talking about the Wheel of Fortune from the classic Tarot deck on Psychic Social. It's been great chatting with you, and we'll see you again for the next one.

Nicky Alan (21:52):

Thank you so much, my darling. It's been an absolute pleasure and I really hope it helps people out there that are learning the tarot.

Oliver (21:59):

Thank you, Nicky. We'll chat to you again soon. Thank you for joining us.

Nicky Alan (22:02):

Pleasure. Bye now.

Oliver (22:03):

Bye bye.

Imaging Voice (22:12):

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