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🔮 Psychic reader asking you too many questions?. . . & (II) THE HIGH PRIESTESS Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:033] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria, who has been a Psychic for over 20 years.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 15th May 2023**




With Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:033

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Victoria (00:12):

And for me, I much prefer just to go in completely blind, you know? So I don't really want to know in advance that you are, you know, having a, a, a marriage difficulties and you've got three kids at university and you know, your uncle's name is John. I don't want any of that detail because it just kind of muddies the waters and I find it's easier to just sit down and go, okay, let's start reading and just see what's coming up for you.

Oliver Duke (00:43):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us today on our podcast. We are talking again today about another card in the tarot deck, the classic tarot deck, and today we are talking about the High Priestess. So this is labelled card number two, and it's the third card in the major arcana. So we have someone very special today to talk about the High Priestess with us, and it is Victoria Psychic Intuitive. Welcome, Victoria. Thank you for joining us today on Psychic Social.

Victoria (01:14):

Hello, Oliver. Thanks for having me again.

Oliver Duke (01:17):

Well, it's fantastic to speak with you again, Victoria. As you know, you know, we've had a long break from Psychic Social over a year or so. But you know very well why that was cuz we were making that fantastic course, which you were instrumental in helping us create with all your help for that

Victoria (01:35):

<Laugh>. Yeah, it was a very busy time. There was so much work that went into it, wasn't there?

Oliver Duke (01:39):

Yeah. There was a lot of filming. Yeah. Not only, it wasn't only the filming was it, it was just the prepping beforehand and, you know, getting the content together and making sure everything was right and the modules and all that kind of stuff. It was, it was full on, wasn't it?

Victoria (01:52):

Absolutely. Yeah. The filming part was, was just good fun. You know, I think we, we all had it last when we were actually in the studio together, didn't we, at the, the before and after. It was quite pressing. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (02:04):

The, the sewing it together in, in the, in the in the filming was the, was the good bit, wasn't it? Obviously all the hard work beforehand and then obviously the editing going into the edit afterwards. Yeah. but I think, you know, you'll agree that I think everyone that has taken the course and it is an absolutely fantastic video on demand tower course and a great way to start your introduction into learning the terror, isn't it?

Victoria (02:27):

For sure. There's nothing quite like it, you know, I have as you know, I've been reading cards for many years but I have of curiosity once or twice in my life dipped into online title courses, you know, just to see, is there something else I could learn here? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, is there, you know, is there more to it? Can I kind of add to my knowledge with the cards and every course that I've, I've tried, they've always had something that was useful, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> something that I've taken away from it and felt that it was, it was beneficial. But I think what we've put together is just so innovative, you know, it's just really engaging because you're not just reading reams and reams of information that, let's face it, none of us have the attention span for that these days. Mm-Hmm. So I think it's wonderful that you can just watch me and Paula and Nikki and there were lovely faces describing all the energies to you, and you can just sit back and absorb, have a cup of tea while you're listening to us, taking you through the energy. It's wonderful.

Oliver Duke (03:24):

Yeah. This is it. And it's, and I think, like I mentioned before in a couple of previous podcasts about how the course, you know, is there are a lot of live courses out there and they, and they're cool and a lot of people do go for them, but this course in particular is, like we said, you know, it's video on demand. So you just purchase the course and you kind of just go at your own pace whenever you want. You know, you don't have to attend a live session in the evening, so you know, the kids are playing up or, you know, lots of things going on in the house, whatever that may be. Then yeah, you can just take it at your own pace and dipping it out whenever you like, you don't have to attend a live, you know, meeting or whatever it is, and be annoyed if you miss out on that as such.

Victoria (04:02):

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Very, very flexible. And I think the, the interest in tarot lately, well, certainly I've noticed it's growing significantly, you know, and, and people are kind of realising that the tarot is useful in so many ways. You know, you don't have to be consider yourself a psychic congestive to benefit from tarot. And I think when people open their mind up to that and realise this is a really useful skill to have generally, you know, it's great to have it so accessible and so easy to absorb and take in and yeah. Just pick it up and drop it when you need to, when life takes over, it's ideal, really. Yeah,

Oliver Duke (04:36):

Exactly. And yeah, and as people know as well, you know, obviously we created these qr tarot cards to, to go along with the course. You don't, like we said before, you don't have to have them. And you can have the course or the card or both, you know, it doesn't really matter. But the QR code tarot cards, the classic deck is also a great way to learn. And this is what we're gonna talk about these cards today. And we're gonna talk about, or lead me nicely into talking about the high priestess, which we're gonna talk about today. So we've got the high priestess in front of us, and if you are listening and you have got a classic tarot deck, it doesn't necessarily have to be QR tarot, but any classic tarot deck with the, the artwork from Pamela Coleman Smith, pick up your High Priestess and have a look, cuz we're gonna be talking about that right now. Now this card in particular is a very sim symbolises intuition on a deep level, doesn't it? Do you want to, is that right? Do you wanna explain that to everyone else listening?

Victoria (05:29):

Yeah, absolutely. So for me, I think of all of the cards all seven to eight in the deck as having a kinda a a tagline. You know, like, yeah, when I turn a card, I go, okay, immediately the energy that comes to me is this. And for me, the high priestess is absolutely that. It's about that intuition and what, you know, inside. For me, the, the high priestess, the we bring into the, the aspects of numerology into the taro, or certainly I do when I'm reading mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and the high priestess leading on from the magician that Paula talks to you about on the last podcast you recorded. That's kind of a, a, a ca a continuation of that magical energy that we have within the Magician. It's about an inner power, a personal power, but for me, the high priestess is kind of like the divine feminine counterpart.


You know, kind of like the, if you imagine the magician and the high priestess as husband and wife, you know, <laugh>, right? So she's like the, the magical feminine energy of the tarot. But rather than her having that you know, we've explored the Magician and so we know that he's very resourceful. He uses what's available all around him and kind of builds upon that. For me, the high priestess, it's a lot more inward, the power that she carries, you know, it's less about being resourceful and making the most of what you have available to you around you. And it's more about going inward and really thinking, well, what power do I hold inside mm-hmm. <Affirmative> how can I intuitively move through this? And so ultimately that's kind of in a nutshell what the card is for me, but of course there's layers and layers of symbolism Sure. As there is with, with every card. So I'll talk to you a little bit about some of that. So first, as we already know, the, the upright and the reverse meanings of the cards have slightly different energies. I think we're all starting to kind of pick up

Oliver Duke (07:22):

On that. Sure. Yeah. And today we're just gonna talk, just to remind everyone we're talking about the high process in, in the upright position. Yeah. And we're gonna work through the whole all 78 cards mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I don't know we, whether we've told everyone this or not yet, but we're gonna go through all 78 cards in upright, and then we're gonna flip 'em, and then we're gonna do podcasts on all the ones in reverse as well. So, yeah. Okay. So we'll get

Victoria (07:43):

It's a properly

Oliver Duke (07:43):

Covered. Exactly. Yeah. So today's, today, we'll, we're gonna tell Yeah. We're just telling people about the upright, which is what you're doing now, Victoria, isn't it? Yeah,

Victoria (07:49):

Absolutely. So what, what I, what's good just to touch on is that I know we're not gonna dive too much into reversals, but it's just good to touch on Sure. An upside down high priestess being that we might be ignoring our intuition or not seeing what is right in front of us. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Okay. So if you kind of spin that around when we're looking at the high priestess upright, it's about tapping into exactly that, you know, what is your gut telling you what is kind of being triggered, you know, what is stirring within you in your circumstances. And it's asking you to really pay attention to that, because often we do know the answers. We do know actually deep down how it is that we need to navigate what lies before us. We just kind of refuse to acknowledge that power that we have.


You know, I think so many of us can be guilty of slipping out of that knowing that we, we have all of the answers and we do have that strength inside, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, but a little bit more about the, the symbolism. So if you had a look at that character, if you're sitting listening in and you've got your, your cards in front of you, take a look at that high priestess and you can see she's carrying a scroll that says Torah on it. And that is symbolic of, of universal knowledge. Okay. So it's like she holds all of that, everything that there is to know, you know, she has the key to the universe, if you like, she's all knowing deeply intuitive. And for me, when this card appears for someone, it might be telling me, okay, well, you know exactly what's what.


You, you are very switched on, highly intuitive, but what are you kind of hiding inside? Or what are you maybe refusing to bring up to the surface to be exposed? Is that out of, you know, a need to be cautious? Are we internalising some things because we don't want to be attacked by the world around us? Maybe we've got that high priestess energy surrounding us to protect us from any external threats or perceived harm, you know? Or it could be that we are doing a very good job of disguising any, oh, how to put it, you know, the high priestess doesn't get flustered, you know, she's very in control.

Oliver Duke (10:00):

Very measured. Yeah. Yeah.

Victoria (10:01):

Very, very measured. Yes. Very, very sensible. There's no knee jerk from this high priestess. So she might hold a lot of things inside and just mull it over for a time to make sense of it before she kind of you know, brings it out to, to the surface. But I often think of a swan, you know, a swan gliding on the water, how they look so elegant and controlled and beautiful and graceful, you know, and very careful and delicate. But then underneath the water, we know that those little feats are paddling like crazy, you know, to Yeah, sure. To give us this wonderful, beautiful scene that we, we see when we look at the swans on the water. And so for me, that is very typical high priestess energy, you know, like, what, what's going on behind the scenes? What are you working really hard at in order to maintain this very controlled exterior that you, that you show to the world, you know?


Sure. but it's not a, there's nothing around kind of pretentiousness or being false. It's just about what you might want to preserve for your own sake. You know, things that you might just want to keep a lid on because it's the wise thing to do, or you can see how that's going to be integral to your, your future development. You know? So it might be around you, you might be willed to keep some things to yourself if the high priestess comes through for you, you know? Right. Really about, it's about saying you ha you hold the power. You don't need to look to anybody else or anything else to, to figure out how to get through this. It's all in you. So really, it's just all about having that perfect faith and trust in yourself, you know?

Oliver Duke (11:41):

Sure. And, and would you say that this the headdress and like the kind of the orb on the top, would you say that that is, would be symbolising an extension of the third eye? Possibly? Or, or not? Abso yeah. You

Victoria (11:56):

Would. Yeah. Absolutely. So of course, the, the pla everything in the tarot means something, you know, every single colour, every image, every bit of symbolism. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> has meaning and that headdress that she wears absolutely. With its seated at her crown. And the third eye, it does talk about it is a nod to that spiritual connection because these are the, the upper chakras are where we would kind of you know, what we would need to open up Yeah. In order to connect with our, our spiritual side and to be guided universally, you know? So yes, her headrest definitely suggests that she has a very strong connection. However, you can see the way she's seated, she's very solid in that throne, isn't she? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. You know, the feet are planted down on the ground. So there's a sense of her being in very good alignment. Not only is she spiritually connected and psychically open, she's very grounded and rooted in reality. Sure. you know, she's, she's not floating about in the ether <laugh>. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (12:52):


Victoria (12:53):

And you've got the, the moon represented there. You see that crescent moon at her feet. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. For me, the, the moon appearing in any tarot card is always about the subconscious mind. So of course, when we're talking about our intuitive abilities is very much the, those internalised thoughts, isn't it? Yeah. And then we've got these the pomegranates behind her there always representing abundance. If you see pomegranates or fruit of any nature in your cards, it's generally a reference to abundance, wealth, good living, you know? Right. So the high priestess in the material sense doesn't want for much. In fact, I would say her, her priority <laugh> in this world is having that perfect alignment, you know, staying in alignment and pre preserving that kind of stillness in her life so that she can be clear seeing, you know she is the one that holds all of those clear senses.


She is the most psychic character that you're gonna see depicted in the major arcana. And so it's very important to her that she stays in that alignment. You know? Yeah. This card, this card would appear for me to, for someone who maybe is really keen on meditation or very connected to nature, you know, has a, a lot of respect and understanding of the material world around them, as well as the, the spiritual realm. And so it's definitely, we're definitely looking at someone that's got a lot of wisdom if this card comes through for them. Or, you know, if, if you're at home and you're pulling a card for yourself, you know, everyone has a, a different relationship with their cards, don't they? But if you pull a card for yourself and the high priestess comes through for you and you think, Hmm, well, no, I think I've been a little bit out of alignment.


You know, maybe I've, I've not been in touch with my spiritual side. Maybe I, I don't feel psychically connected lately, or I do feel a bit ungrounded. Then the high priestess is just asking you to take that energy on, you know, when you apply it to you and what is going on for you. That's what we're always doing with these cards when we're figuring out how to work with them, is just applying them to our life and our circumstances and extracting the message from there. So if you're not feeling very high priestess and she comes through for you, it could just be a little bit of a, a nudge to remind you that you do, you do have a lot of power inside. Yeah. You just forgot or you just lost touch with

Oliver Duke (15:17):

It. Be more like that. Yeah. Yeah,

Victoria (15:19):

Yeah. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (15:20):

Exactly. Well, that's a great explanation of the card. Thank you so much for that, Victoria, and I'm sure everyone got a lot from that. Thank you. Well, I mean, if you do want to learn a lot more about this card and all the other cards in the classic tarot deck, all these 78 cards you can check out QR Tarot brand new offering to the Tarot Reading community and also 10 Hour Tarot, which we spoke at, spoke about before which we'll speak about a little bit towards the end of the show. But we're gonna take a little break now. But after that we're gonna speak with Victoria about how to prepare for intuitive reading with Psychic Intuitive and lots of other bits and bobs about Psychic Intuitives as well. So we'll catch up with Victoria after this.

Imaging Voice (16:01):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Oliver Duke (16:11):

Hi there. Hope you're enjoying the show today. I wanted to tell you again about QR Tarot. Now, this is a revolutionary deck. We spoke about it earlier in the show, but this is an absolute game-changing way to learn the tarot. And we've made this tarot deck in conjunction with Nikki Allen, psychic medium, Paula Psychic Medium, and Victoria Psychic Intuitive. And this deck has QR codes on the back of all 78 cards. So it's got two QR codes and you scan one for upright and two for reversed. So once you scan the upright code, just take your phone out, get the camera on your phone and scan it, and it'll take you directly to a video of Nikki Allen describing you the upright definition of that card. And then if you scan the reverse definition, it'll take you to another video of Victoria discussing and describing that reverse definition of that particular card.


And that is the same for all 78 cards in this classic QR tarot deck. And it's based on the classic 78 card deck with the illustrations by Pamela Coleman Smith, the one that everyone knows and loves. So all you have to do is literally, it's that simple, scan it, and it's one fantastic revolutionary learning experience that we're so proud to have launched with Nikki, Paula, and Victoria. And in the cards you'll get the booklet as well, which will give you a QR code on each card in, in the deck as well. So another 78 QR codes. And you scan that and that'll take you to an even deeper dive. Much more information about that tarot card. And also what we're throwing in is a free version of our taster course that comes with the cards when you buy them. So all you have to do is follow the instructions in the booklet and the cards when you get them, and you can register for your free version of our taster course.


And then we also have got a fantastic deal on the main course of 10 hour tarot. And you can find out there what sort of discount you're gonna get when you buy the cards. So you can get the cards right now. They're available at psychic.co.uk/qr tarot. And we'll put the link in the description below. They are on amazon.co uk and amazon usa. So amazon.com, and you can buy those cards through the website. That'll take you to your relevant Amazon site. And you can also go to Amazon as well, search QR tarot. So if you head there, you can get yourself a deck right now. They are unbelievable and you don't wanna miss out on this fantastic revolutionary learning experience. Okay, right now, back to the show.

Imaging Voice (18:37):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (18:47):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. We are talking today with Psychic Intuitive Victoria about the classic tarot deck, which we've spoken about in the first half of this show. And now we're going to be talking with Victoria about psychic intuitive readings and Namingly, first of all, how to prepare for a psychic intuitive reading. So Victoria, welcome back. Could you tell people listening what to expect from a psychic intuitive reading? Cuz it's a little bit different to a mediumship reading what someone might have with Paul and Mary or some, or Nikki Allen or someone like that.

Victoria (19:19):

Yeah, absolutely. So I love listening to Paula describing how listeners can prepare to, to have a mediumship reading with her, with, with any chosen medium. And it was interesting to me because there are so many similarities. There are so many things that it's not that I as a reader have an expectation of the people that are coming to me, but I suppose I would see this as the ideal scenario. So if someone comes to me echoing as Paula described, you know, very open, very willing to be read, that is the number one thing that can get us off to a good start. You know, so someone comes to see me, whether it's over a, a Zoom meeting, or they've come to see me in my, in my studio for their reading. The first thing that's gonna strike me is how open and willing they are.


And interestingly, you know, it's, it's, it's usually people who are quite closed or might have a kinda a might want to test me as a psychic reader a little bit, you know, test my skills and they're maybe trying not to give too much away. Often that is one of the most striking things, you know. So if someone is very closed down I'm, I'm gonna feel that immediately, but thankfully that doesn't happen very often. However, when it does, it's not necessarily that it's an issue or it's a problem. I can work around it. But I think, I think said this as well, you know, if if you're giving 2%, then you're gonna get 2% of what <laugh> Yeah. You know, what was available for you. Sure. If you come with a hundred percent that you're willing to hand over, then that is what you will get.


And so I do find when people arrive and they're quite closed, it could just be that they aren't too sure what to expect. And they might soften a little when I explain my reading style. But for others, yeah, you get the, the folded Adams and the kind of unwillingness to open up for the full session. And often I, I think that's a shame because, you know, we do still get little bits and pieces, little nuggets that are really useful. But, you know, I just, I think, gosh, I could have given you a full hour of really <laugh> juicy information. Yeah. Really helpful things, you know. So number one has got to be showing up with bells on and being willing and keen. Now of course, as a reader and working with people who arrive to me in, in all kinds of, of energetic states, you know, some people will arrive and they're maybe feeling a little bit upset by circumstances in their life.


You know, there's been a bit of trauma going on. And of course, I'm, I'm gonna want to use my discernment in these situations. Again, it's not something that happens terribly often, but if someone comes and they're really quite fragile maybe a bit emotional, you know, and, and unsettled, then it wouldn't be really ethical for me to, to continue with the reading for them. But actually, I cannot remember the last time that happened for me as a reader, you know, that someone appeared and we just kind of couldn't couldn't go on with it because there was too much high energy. So that's quite rare. But that kind of leads me onto talking about, you know, your energetic state. Generally you wanna be fairly neutral and level, you know, just nice and still energy. So if you, if you sit down for your reading and you've maybe just been stuck in traffic and all stressed and harassed and, you know, we might want to take a few minutes just to bring that energy down a little bit of breathing or, you know, I'll be covering people in crystals to get the vibes, <laugh> vibes in alignment a little bit more.


But yeah, just, I'm, I'm gonna be gauging your energy regardless of, of what kind of state you appear in, if that makes sense. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So we get the energy all sorted out. And aside from that, there is nothing actually that I need from the reader. It's just from the, from the queer end. It's simply the willingness, the want to be read. The, the, the kind of positivity, you know, of I can actually gain something from this, and I want this reading. Really, if we've got that kind of attitude and that energy, then we're kicking with gas. Everything else should be plain sailing because you'll get the reading that you needed. So unlike I'm not, I, I don't offer mediumship with my readings, although little bits and pieces do come through. But I am a, an intuitive reader, so it's gonna be all about you.


It's not about connecting with people on the other side necessarily. Although often the, the detail that comes through, it's quite clear that that's where it's kind of come from <laugh>. Sure. But you know, I, I, I'm not, I I, I work very differently to, to Paula and Nikki for example. So I just need you to be willing to understand things about your yourself or to be willing to accept, you know, if there is some, some guidance that comes to you that might be hard to hear because it's quite personal. It's, you know, it's good if people are, are kind of aware that that's a part of this. But of course I've I've done so many hundreds of readings now in my life that I've, I've figured out how to kind of deliver messages gently and with tact and or when it's best just to leave it altogether.


Sure. Cause whoever I'm reading for probably doesn't want to hear it, you know? So there's a lot of that that comes into as well. Ideally if I sit down with someone, this is, this is something that happens quite often actually, if I sit down with somebody and there's immediately this lovely rapport, you know, and we're, we're vibing really well, and I've put the kettle on to make cups of tea. And actually I'll sometimes have to put my hands up and, and ask people to stop talking, you know, because we haven't quite <laugh> initiated the reading. And for me, I'm much prefer just to go in completely blind, you know, so I don't really want to know in advance that you are, you know, having a, a marriage difficulties and you've got three kids at university and you know, your uncle's name is John.


I don't want any of that detail because it just kind of muddies the waters. And I find it's easier to just sit down and go, okay, let's start reading and just see what's coming up for you. You know? It's not, there's no need to come with a, a will to bear your soul entirely. You know, if you, if you don't feel that you want to talk about certain topics that are coming through for you, any good reader is not going to to force that, you know, and no one's gonna push you to talk about things that make you uncomfortable. And a good reader is gonna gauge, you know, whether it's appropriate to, to bring certain things up. But I'm incredibly honest,

Oliver Duke (26:15):

<Laugh>, so I do have to, you, you aren't, well, I can vouch, I can definitely vouch for that. So, so that, that's all great info. And, and also would you say, like, I think I'm getting the bigger picture is that people just as much as possible need to just try and clear their mind and clear an open space for themselves when they come and see you or any other psychic reader so that they can get the best out of it for you and for them.

Victoria (26:38):

For sure. Yeah. But I mean, e even sort of saying, you know, come with a clear head,

Oliver Duke (26:45):

There's difficult Yeah. Yeah.

Victoria (26:46):

There's even that much responsibility on the queer end. It's simply not being defensive and unwilling to have your reading. Sure. You know, it's, it's, you know, showing up and, you know, so I, I do a lot of entertainment with my psychic work, so although I take, I take my work very seriously and my one-to-one sessions are always, you know, about the, about the seeker and all about them and improving their life. But, you know, I, I work at a lot of events and parties and things working, you know, so it's kind of high energy and the, the wine is flowing, et cetera. So it's a very different setting. And really in those situations, I will meet people who of course are a bit more dubious. You know, they, they didn't go out of their way to find me to solicit me for a reading. They were just there and I was there. So they thought, yeah, I'll give this a try.

Oliver Duke (27:36):

Part of the party. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Victoria (27:38):

You know, I'll, yeah, of course I'll have my cards read. And so they'll sit down and there's always a bit of jesting in the beginning you know, a bit of like, oh, this, this is a load of rubbish and muttering and things, but then, you know, the details come through because they don't have that energy of I don't want you to read me. Mm-Hmm. That is very different from someone saying, oh, this is, you know, this is rubbish. I don't believe in this stuff. That is quite a different attitude from I want, I I, I do want you to tell me

Oliver Duke (28:06):

Closing off.

Victoria (28:06):

Yeah. But I'm gonna be really defensive no matter what you say. <Laugh>.

Oliver Duke (28:10):

Yeah. That's different.

Victoria (28:11):

So yeah. Parties are good cuz that's when the real the juicy things come through as long as the person is, is not clenching tightly and holding on for dear life to all of their, their personal

Oliver Duke (28:25):

Circumstances. Exactly. Yeah. Well, it's great to get an idea of that and, and for people to understand, you know, what they might need to, to, to what sort of space they might need to be in when they come for a reading. And the party info and stuff and all that is, is interesting to hear as well, I'm sure for everyone else. Could we just move on and just a, and ask I wanted to ask you about, you know, people who are just starting to learn the tarot, getting a few cards on the table, trying to understand the meanings. And they might be sort of thinking, right. Well, I really want to kind, kind of, sort of try and tap into my intuition a bit more through the cards, but are struggling with that. Have you got any kind of tips you could offer them to help them sort of channel through the cards?

Victoria (29:09):

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, when you're, when you're getting into it, I would say until you get a little bit of confidence and start to kind of build a, a kind of information library if you like mm-hmm. <Affirmative> with your cards, you know, and that just comes through a bit of daily practise. But I would say it's great to start just by pulling one card for yourself so that the, the energy isn't being diluted in any way. Okay. So you're just focused on one pure energy and, and thinking, right, how does that apply to me? That is the very best way to get started with your tarot practise. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> is to draw a card every day for yourself. Then, you know, in the evening when you're winding down for the day, you can say, okay, well let's look back on my day.


Let's think again about that card. What happened throughout my day? You know, how was that applicable to me? And often that kind of hindsight, that that looking back and reflecting reflecting, that's a fantastic way to kind of store, you know, build up up all of your, your details about that card mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And so a lot of it will stick because you're applying it to personal circumstances. And then of course the months and the years roll by, you're gonna see cards repeating for you, but your day was completely different, but you still learned how to apply that energy to what was going on for you. And so what you know about that card just build and build and build, if that makes sense. And so really for your first good, good while, you know, until you'll know yourself when you're feeling confident to, to kind of develop and evolve from there, then that's when you do it.


You know, there's no need to push yourself to understand things. Because the amazing thing about tarot is that although every, every one of the seven to eight cards holds meaning and holds energy, you will, with your own practise, develop additional very nuanced bits and pieces of information, you know, and that is what will stick and that's what will make you unique as a reader. Mm-Hmm. and that's, you know, that's why ev every reader that you go to, if they're reading traditionally yeah, they'll, they'll all know, okay, the high priestess is about intuition, but they might not describe the energy in exactly the same way that I described it to you earlier. That's what it means for me. And that's what I've, you know, gathered through my years of practise. These are the bits that stick out in, in my mind. But for a complete newbie, I would say, you know, learning them one at a time, obviously our course is the very best way to learn.


Yeah. but learning them one at a time and then you build from there, you can start to put two or three cards together and you're gonna go, okay, I'm, you know, I'm gonna give you an example cause I'm sitting here with my deck, so I've just turned over three cards. Okay. So I'm sitting here with the high priestess because I was talking about her earlier, and I've got the two of Pentacles and I've got the chariot. So if I turn those cards for myself, instead of going, oh my goodness me, how do these three cards all work with one another? I'm just gonna pull that kind of bullet point energy that I apply to each of those cards. So I'm go, I'm looking at my intuition, I'm looking at stabilising energy, you know, juggling my energy with the two of Pentacles mm-hmm. <Affirmative>.


And with the Chariot, I'm looking at precision and moving forward with positivity. Okay. So I'm gonna look at that generally and go, okay, how do they kind of merge with one another? How, you know, what's going on for me? How does that all make sense? And then I can sort of start to tell myself a bit of a story about my circumstances, you know, based on these energies. I start to just put it all together and put the pieces of the jigsaw together. And in the end it all makes sense to me. Hmm. And while I'm doing that, I'm storing away, okay. In future, if I see the high priestess and the two of Pentacles and the chariot coming through together, well, I remember that that happened for me last week or last month, and that was the kind of energy that I was sitting in.


So now I'm starting to build upon my knowledge of the cards, and it's all starting to make sense. It can be a long process. Some people will decide, you know what, I wanna read tarot, and it's like a duck to water, and they just pick it up and they get it. You know, they look at the cards and they just get it. And it's like like maybe learning a language. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, that's how I think of it, you know, and then other folk will struggle a bit more. And I find that generally when people are, are struggling a little bit with their cards or thinking, you know, this just isn't for me. I'm not designed for this, I can't do it. I don't understand. It's usually just that lack of faith in yourself. That's what it comes back around to, because there's no, there's no requirement for you to have absolute accuracy because it's not, it's not a mathematical equation, you know, it's, it's energy and we can't explain a lot of that. So it's I think it's really important not to put pressure on yourself to know that you will, you will make a lot of mistakes. Okay. But as long as there's no danger or harm coming to anybody with those mistakes then that's how we learn. It's how we learn everything, you know,

Oliver Duke (34:17):

<Laugh>. Sure. And it's a good, good way to read, you know, when you're practising , you're first starting out is to read for friends and family first, isn't it? And just have a few trial runs. Obviously read for yourself as well, and just see how that goes, you know, and, and tell them that, you know, you're practising . Can I practise on you? You know? Yeah. Because as, as, as you know, we know, and we've said many times before, you know, we should never sort of you know, tell people, oh, I wanna do a reading for you. It, it should be something that people should come to, to, to the reader for the queer and should seek out the reading. Should never be forced to have a reading, but little bit different with friends and family, you know, just come on, I need some practise.


Can you sit with me for a second? You know? And if you can't get that, just read for yourself. Like you say, you know? And what's great is that if you are on your own and you've only got yourself to read for, well, we've got the wonderful QR tarot cards, which we spoke about before. And you can, you can practise learning with those QR tarot cards, and Nikki will tell you upright and Victoria's gonna tell you the reverse. And then if you wanna move on from that, you can take the 10 hour tarot course as well, which we've spoken about before. So yeah, there's wonderful great ways to, to to learn if you're starting out. And even if you're in intermediate, you know, the course is a great resource as well for that.

Victoria (35:23):

And, you know, something else that's, that's lovely and it's quite exciting and it's a, a, it's a lovely milestone, I suppose, for someone who is learning to be a reader. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. But as you say, you know, reading for friends family in the early days is maybe kind of one of the safest ways to develop your skills. You know, you're not, no harm can be caused to anybody. You're working with people that know you and trust you. And so that's a great place to start. But what's wonderful is that the day you decide to read for a stranger or read for someone that you don't know particularly well, and you can see just how much magic comes through, you know, just how much, you know, by looking at your cards and picking up on their energy, that is quite exciting. You know, when you realise, oh my goodness, so I've, you know, I've never met that person before and I knew X, Y, and Z about their energy. That's really that is gonna spur you on, you know, to keep on saying, when you realise just how magical it all is, you

Oliver Duke (36:19):

Know? Exactly. This is it <laugh>. Well, thank, well thank you so much for those explanations, Victoria, and thank you so much for joining us today on our podcast to talk about the high priestess and psychic intuition and intuitive psychics. Before we let you go, we just wanted to let everyone know that Victoria has a special code for the course, don't you, for our 10 hour tarot video on demand course. If you want to get 20 pounds off the course, it's 97 pounds. With this code, you can get it for 77. We have a code attached with Victoria, which is VIC 20, which we'll put down in the show notes as well. And all you have to do is go to psychic.co uk slash learn tarot, go to checkout and type in the code, VIC 20, and you'll get 20 pounds off the course. So thank you very much for that, Victoria.

Victoria (37:08):

Thank you so much. It was really good to talk. I'll be back soon.

Oliver Duke (37:12):

It was great. Yeah. Well, we'll see you again very, very soon for another card in the deck. Take care of yourself and we'll see you soon.

Victoria (37:18):

Thank you. Bye-Bye.

Oliver Duke (37:19):

Thank you.

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