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🔮 The angry Poltergeist. . . & (VIII) STRENGTH Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:039] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 22nd June 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:039

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk

Paula Mary (00:12):

And I, I said, I'm not here to hurt you. And immediately he, he relaxed because, you know, again, spirits think you're coming in, we're gonna hurt them. So what do they do? They try and attack you, but they have a, they now normally have a message for you, you know, and the message was that he did want to leave.

Oliver Duke (00:36):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us on our podcast On this episode, now we're gonna be talking about the classic tarot deck. Again, we've been going through the cards, as you probably know by now, as you've been listening to our recent podcast, we are talking about the classic tarot deck through these podcasts. And we've been talking through the major arcana with Victoria and Paul and Mary. And we have now moved on to strength, which is card number eight in the major arcana labelled eight. So we're gonna talk about that with Paula in a minute. So we're gonna welcome back Paula in a minute. But we're also gonna talk with Paula about some absolutely fascinating stuff. And this is actually one of my favourite parts of spirituality and my favourite sort of existential and outside of our existence on earth.


Part of the whole thing of the, you know, this psychic realm and, and, and what happens after we die and all that kind of stuff. We're gonna talk about the paranormal and paranormal experiences that Paula Mary has had throughout her mediumship career in the last 35 years. And I'm sure a lot of you'll find that absolutely fascinating. So, stay tuned. We're gonna talk about that in a bit. But first of all, we'd like to welcome Paula and Mary Psychic medium, back to Psychic Social to talk, first of all about strength. Welcome back, Paula. How are you doing? Oh,

Paula Mary (01:54):

Hello everyone. Hello, Oliver. Yes. Lovely to be back. I'm doing good. Thank you. I could do with a bit of strength. <Laugh>, we're talking about the strength card. Yes. I could go into that card today and build my strength up on that <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (02:06):

Yes, yes. I feel you. Yeah, I think I need a bit of a boost as well. So let, let's get into the strength card. It's great to have you back. Thank you. So yeah, like, like we say, normally when we are doing these looking at these tarot cards on from the classic tarot deck these illustrations, as you know, by Pamela Coleman Smith. So this is, this is the classic tarot deck. If you haven't got a deck, if you've got, sorry, if you've got a deck grab that and grab the strength card, strength card number eight in the major icon. If you've got QR tarot deck, even better. If you haven't got either of those, don't worry. You can just sort of pause the podcast and you can go and find a picture of the card online. And then you can join along with us as we talk through the card. So, Paula, if you could just tell us, give us an overview of the strength card, please, and tell everyone your interpretation of how you see this card.

Paula Mary (02:53):

Yes, yes, absolutely. And I do really love the card because you've got the, the lovely yellow, the background, and you've got the lion, the fire the red lion, which I would re it represents fire, I would say in my view and power. So the card is about knowing your strengths and tapping into your power, tapping into your good vibrations, and be like the lion. Be strong. But it's about living like that every single day, like walking in your strength every single day. So that good vibration, excuse me, still keeps going on for you. And it's about tapping in the power of the, the, the universe as well. You've got the yellow, the sun, the vibrant, so it's going out for walks, connecting to nature, your good vibration. It is all about that. So the most important thing about it is Oliver, Oliver is knowing what are your strengths?


And so I think that can go quite deep. So I think you need to look at what are my strengths and how can I make them more powerful? How can I make that vibration about my strengths better? So it's about tapping into that within. So if, if we're into animal guides, it's a good thing to tap into your power animals at this part particular time because you've got the red line. And that represents, in my view, the animal power that we have around us. So that would be good to tap into your power animal and get that good vibration and get them to help you, get them to guide you in that. And then you've got the horizontal eight, which is very positive. It's about sort of good vibration movement. And that's really significant about that. It's about the, you are moving forward in your power, making judgments in your power. So not coming from your head, coming from your power within your heart is what I feel. Oliver is really good with this card.

Oliver Duke (04:57):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Okay. Yeah. And I think for me, like obviously I can look at that card and I just think the overarching, you know, theme of the card is just to, when it come, when it gets drawn from for a person, for a queer or you're just drawing it for yourself, even just for a one card reading. Yes. Is is is to have courage to be brave. Yes. You know to be completely unwavering, to just fall into the, the parts of you that are brave and be brave and have courage, whatever situation that you might be facing.

Paula Mary (05:31):

Yes, absolutely. And it's not like roaring like the lion when you get upset. No. It's about actually keeping that roar within you and building that up so that you can talk a assertively. Absolutely. But talk with courage. Talk with passion. And it's not about talking with anger, it's talking, talking within your power.

Oliver Duke (05:52):

Yeah. And and the way that the, the, the lady is kind of holding the lion's mouth out. She's sort of inspecting the lion. She has like the control over the lion. The power over the lion. Yes. And that is symbolising, would you say like

Paula Mary (06:06):

The strength? Absolutely. It's like the lion tamer, isn't it?

Oliver Duke (06:08):

<Laugh>, yeah, the lion tamer. That's what I was gonna try to try to say. Yeah. So she's kind of taming the lion.

Paula Mary (06:13):

So it's like the challenges and the challenging of that I would say, isn't it

Oliver Duke (06:17):

Going into the fear? So you are looking into the, she's looking into lion's mouth, you'd say that that might mean Yes, she's going into the fear. And, and that car would encourage you to go into the fear and face adversity.

Paula Mary (06:28):

Yes, absolutely. And it, and you know, it is all about facing our fears. And that's what a bit like the lion represents. It represents power. And you know, a lot of people are in fear of their own power. Oliver, you know, it was psychic meetings. Whoever you are, you are building up your energy, you're going up with a good vibration. And then you're, some people think they stop and they think, oh my God, <laugh>. Yeah. It is too powerful for me. You know? So it is working within that.

Oliver Duke (06:55):

Sure. And if you say you drew this card, like not just in a one card reading or a one card, you know, spread for yourself. Say you're drawing three cards or, and this comes up, you know, or in a Celtic cross, maybe even more complex. What would be good cards that might sort of link in with the strength card and sit around it to sort of, to, to tell the seeker, the queer and that, you know, this is, they need to boost their strength or their, you know, they need to be courage, have courage breaks. Oh,

Paula Mary (07:22):

Absolutely. Well, I, and I think a lot of the cards would balance and help about that. I would say even the next one, the wheeler fortune actually, cuz that, that would sort of bring, if you are in that strength, but also, I'm gonna say like the death card as well, because that would bring an ending to your weakness and build you up into your power. Does that make sense? Sure. So I think there's lots of cards there that could represent it being more powerful for you.

Oliver Duke (07:48):

Sure. And the colours, talk us again through the colours you mentioned about the, the yellow and the sun, the, the talk us about, tell us about the representation of those colours in this card again. And, and sort of tell people what they might really mean, the significance of those.

Paula Mary (08:03):

Yes. Well the, well the yellow, I would say the yellow sky, maybe not the sun, but the, wherever it is, sun, isn't it? But we'll say the sky. It, it's sort of taken away the dark side. So it's so bright, you can't see any grey or shade. The dark is there, but your subconscious is more in the light. Does that make sense? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So that is a really good, that's your strength because if we are building up our strength, we're not getting rid of the dark, but we are building up our light. So you only see the light and not we need the dark, but you, the light is more there. So your vibration will be better. And that's what that sort of sky signifies on that. So it's about working on your light, but making the light sort of keep the dark away a little bit.


It's there in the background. We have to acknowledge our darkness, but that's the sky. So our vibration is just moving forward more. So the dark doesn't come out so much because sometimes, you know, we, we we're good one day, we are a bit miserable. The next, if you work on your vibration, that sky will be there every day and you won't feel perhaps so moody or upset. So working on your strength to keep that yellow sky going, <laugh> sure. I would say is really positive. And at the background you've got the blue mountain. Well, I would say that it's, it, it, it's like really good experiences are coming your way. You are looking at that blue, the blue is protection. It's like you are going to peak with your strength and, and where you are heading, if that makes sense. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you're heading to the blue mountain, which is really positive.


It's like creating more things for yourself while standing in your strength. And obviously the Red Lion, it's power fire it's about your true will <laugh>. Yep, yep. It's about not holding back. So the red is really sort of powerful. It's protection. But it's also sort of, you know, you can just stand as strong and your fear then will not be there. So you are not blinking if any, anything sort of brings up your childhood or anything your standing firm in, in your fullness of your red power. The lion is showing the strength of not worrying about the past.

Oliver Duke (10:32):

Mm-Hmm. Okay. And the, and and the white robe that the lady's wearing that white I think we've chatted about that before with you ambulator, that the white in the tarot tends to represent, represent purity. It, what does that

Paula Mary (10:46):

Represent? It's sort of wisdom. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> it's strength, it's good vibration. It's connecting to the planet, the earth. Cuz obviously she's there with some, is it flowers grounded

Oliver Duke (10:59):

On the earth? Yeah, yeah,

Paula Mary (11:00):

Yeah. So she's sort of earthy, it's connecting to Mother Earth, which I think is really important to gain your strength. I think if we're up more, then we don't get that strength. We have to connect to Mother Earth to get that strength within us. So it's very earthy, the white, it, it means that the vibration is good, the strength is coming in and that you'll be able to have that wisdom of nature within you if you connect to the earth to move forward within your strength.

Oliver Duke (11:29):

Mm-Hmm. That's great. Well thank you for that. Paula, it's great information on the strength card today and the classic tarot deck. So to kind of recap, it's like a, you know, a really a showing people's your courage, your bravery, it's overcoming adversity, it's being compassionate for everyone that you may encounter on a daily basis and having that unwavering sense of being in your life. So yes, it's a, it's a very good card. It's actually one of my favourite cards too. Yes. I love it when I see strength turn up in the upright position. It's, it's always really positive, isn't it?

Paula Mary (12:02):

Yes, very much so. It, it is a really lovely card to have and it means that you know, you are on the right path if you get that card. Yep. It means you are doing well.

Oliver Duke (12:12):

Yep, exactly. And it means you're dialled into the strongest parts of you or you or you need to be dialled in. Or you are moving towards being dialled into the strongest parts of you so that you can achieve whatever it is you're trying to do in your life, maybe. Yes. Great. Oh, thank you very much for that Paula. Well we are gonna drop into a little break now. But after this we're gonna talk about with Paula about the paranormal one of my favourite subjects. I'm really looking forward to this, so yeah, listen out for part two because we'll be chatting with Paula in a bit about that. Hi there. Hope you're enjoying the show. Today I wanted to tell you about QR tarot. Now this is a revolutionary deck. This is an absolute game-changing way to learn the tarot. And we've made this tarot deck in conjunction with Nikki Allen, psychic medium, Paula psychic medium, and Victoria Psychic Intuitive.


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And we'll put the link in the description below. They are on amazon.co.uk and amazon usa. So amazon.com and you can buy those cards through the website, that'll take you to your Amazon site. And you can also go to Amazon as well, search QR tarot. So if you head there, you can get yourself a deck right now. Okay. Right now back to the show. Welcome back to Psychic Social. And today we are talking with Paula Mary Psychic medium about the tarot, the classic tarot deck. And we are now gonna speak with Paula about some paranormal experiences that she's had so far in her 30 years plus of being a psychic medium. And I've heard some of these stories before and they are absolutely fascinating. So strap yourself in. This is gonna be pretty good. So Paula, first of all, tell us could you maybe tell us about one of the first stories I think that you told me and told us here at Psychic Social Yes. About the lady that came to your previous property for a healing?

Paula Mary (15:39):

Yes. Well, a absolutely. So for, basically I had sort of finished for the day and I got this phone call and I missed the call. And when I sort of heard the voicemail it was like, it's emergency, it's emergency. And then I rang her back and her friend was with her and she answered the phone and she was saying, the car lights are going on and off, on and off, on and off. Everywhere we go, something weirds happening. The engine keeps cutting out. And I said, just come, just come to the house. So they both turned up and I literally sort of, they were literally up the road, so I had sort of six minutes to prepare. So I put on a sort of protection around me and I thought, oh, this doesn't sound good for her, for the lady. Anyway, they opened the door and as I opened the door I was swayed right back.


I literally, with the, with the heaviness of the energy fell on the stairs actually. And I just saw went, oh, don't worry, don't worry. Just come up. Come up. So they went up to my treatment room back then I live somewhere else differently now, and we went up to the treatment room and she was crying and said there's something really bad attached to her where, and as she walked in, because it was a bit later and it was sort of in the winter, my light flickered off as well. And I said, don't speak to don't speak. I said, we're just, my guys are here and we're going to clear it away. And as her friend was saying, I don't normally believe in anything like this at all. And she was saying, you know, I'm shocked at what is happening.


And I said, do you want to be in the room? And she said, yes, that's fine. So I tuned into my guides and I got that. There obviously was a poltergeist. There was some really negative energy there. And I could see it, it was like grey all around her. So I managed to do like a vortex. So I put the vortex of energy around around her and the actual energy itself and I started drawing it out from her chest. I opened the window, so the energy, and I got my guide obviously to be able to re release it out. It took about half an hour, it was when she was coughing, it was really, really heavy. But as it started coming out it came out in a bit like a vortex and it started, and then I could really see it, I could really see the dark of it. It was a bit like Harry Potter, Oliver, you know, when you see those

Oliver Duke (18:12):

<Laugh>, where did it come out? Is that, how did it, did it emanate from a part of her body or did it just all over the place came or? Yes, it came

Paula Mary (18:18):

Out, it came out from her solar plexus mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and her chest area. I mean, it was all round, but predominantly it was in her solar plexus. And it came out and it was really dark and I, and the, I was just like, just be really calm, it's going to be okay. Just really be calm. And I literally, it was starting coming out and it started going round the room and it went round the room three times before it went out the window. And I stayed very, still very strong in my power and just said, please leave my guards, please go. And when I looked at her friend, her mouth was <laugh> was on the floor mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And she was so shocked.

Oliver Duke (19:00):

Did she witness the energy as well? Cause I know that you can see certain things that other people could not. Yes, yes. I mean, I saw, did she witness it or the, the lady or the lady? Well,

Paula Mary (19:07):

Interestedly enough, she didn't see it, but her friend who never sees anything, saw it. Right. She saw it completely around the room. And obviously, you know, you have to expect the energy. So I, I literally was saying, it's okay, it's okay. I'm going to take you somewhere, my guys will take it, take it for you. I think the thing is not to be frightened. Mm-Hmm. And not to be scared of it. It's like we treat it with respect and it, and it will go. If that makes sense. Yeah. So we brought it, drew it out of her, and then send it off into, into the light. My guides and I made it very clear that it had gone, but it was interesting because it left marks around the wall where it had gone. Right. and it took like a week for it to really like settle and clear better.


I mean, it was really, really heavy. And yeah, from this day, she's never had that experience again. She wondered where she picked it up from and I said, I feel it was something to do with, you went out at night and you were, you went, you were at a nightclub and there was some sort of some sort of altercation. She said, yes, you are absolutely right. And I said, the energy around the nightclub was really strong. And so if you are open and you are drinking and you are spiritual, you are more, you can sometimes pick some stuff up. So it wasn't her, you know, if that makes sense. Yep, yep. Mm-Hmm. It attached itself. And when you, when you look at things, it attached itself cuz it, it wanted to go into the light. It wanted to, it didn't want to be where it was anymore, and it did want to go. So that was why went on her, for her to come to me, for me to clear it away mm-hmm. <Affirmative> from her and put it in the right place for where it should be.

Oliver Duke (20:54):

Sure. I see. That's absolutely fascinating. I'm sure people listening if some people have got their jaws on the floor as well, but Yeah. Yeah, it

Paula Mary (21:02):

Was, it was, it was, they were very shaky and honestly, I mean I, it wasn't till afterwards when they had gone, I went, phew, <laugh>, you know? Phew. Thank God that that was, that went well. If that makes sense. Sure. I mean, it was very heavy. I've never seen anything to this day as heavy as that. It went around the room three times and I could see it in, in its different forms. I mean, I would say there was about sort of 10 different forms there. It was blobs of heaviness and it was moving and it was moving very fast actually. But again, you stay in your power, you don't be scared, you show it no fear. Mm-Hmm. And you say that you are going to put it in the right place for it. Mm-Hmm. And, you know, it didn't attack me. It didn't wanna come on me. It was, it was absolutely fine. Mm-Hmm. and I think as long as you are going from that, I'm going to put you in the right place. It's okay. I, I send in new love it. It does go. Mm-Hmm. You can clear it

Oliver Duke (22:01):

Off. Okay. And, and you said it took like a week or so to clear. How did you Yes. What else did you do to have to clear it away? Well, I,

Paula Mary (22:07):

I sort of let it settle because when you've got something as massive as that, it, it does bring light heavy ril. So it's sort of, I had to do some smudge sticks. I got my guides in just to cleanse it a little bit as well. I just sat there in the room. I put some salt water as well or just salt. So it absorbs the negative i, I lit a blue candle as well mm-hmm. <Affirmative> to, to clear sort of the heavy residue because if you don't clear the hair residual when someone else comes into the room that then needs layers and then you might find it difficult to read, you might not be able to connect properly because it, it is all heavy. So it does need clearing a way and it can linger because something so strong like that can linger a while around your home. It's important to sort of make sure it's really cleansed afterwards.

Oliver Duke (23:02):

Sure. Would you say it's obviously not so intense like that when there's, you've like had a negative experience in the house or where there's, there's been something negative that's happened in someone's house or there's been a big argument or something like that? Or maybe even potentially worse, would you say? Like, I've heard about sort of clapping in the corner of rooms to clear energy. Yes. Is that something you've heard of before? Is that Yes,

Paula Mary (23:23):

Yes. I, I mean I often sort of, you can, you know, I clap it away from me sometimes. Yeah. You know, after a client, I've often clapped my hands just to sort of clear the energy. I mean, everything for me is energy. Everything can be style. If you've got something as heavy as that, you've got to think, well that just, yes, the energy's gone, but what if it's left behind? It's like when someone's got an attachment on them or needs something clearing, you clear it off, but then you have to clear the client again because they will be left with mucky chakras. <Laugh>, yeah. Because of it, you know, so you can't just clear something away. You need to then clear it and then you need to look at what Deborah has been left.

Oliver Duke (24:06):

Mm-Hmm. And, and, and, and heal after that. So you said it came out of her kind of like her solar plexus. Does it, does, do these entities as far as you know, do they attach to certain sha chakra points or is it, is it a few at once? Depends

Paula Mary (24:18):

On your spiritual, spiritual side. And she was very spiritual, but her solar plexus was very open. Mm-Hmm. and I think that was her sort of psychic area. I think it all depends on your sort of psyche and your openness. But for someone that perhaps doesn't know they've got an attachment or they say they've, they're perhaps depressed or they're in that sort of full, it wouldn't, the energy would normally be put around the crown. Right.

Oliver Duke (24:46):

That's what I was gonna say. It was more attached to the crown. Cause the crown's open. Yes. I think it light

Paula Mary (24:50):

Discuss, but if you're spiritual, they tend to, in my view, more go to your solar plexus, interestingly enough.

Oliver Duke (24:56):

Right. Yeah. I was just gonna say, obviously in the last podcast, I think it was, we spoke with Victoria about the crown chakra and if your crown chakra is really open, then it can be, you know, problems letting too much negative energy in and stuff like that.

Paula Mary (25:08):

Yes, absolutely. And I think if you are not aware of it Mm, it's worse.

Paula Mary (25:12):

Then it, it can come on you more and more on your crown. So a lot, a lot of people perhaps, you know, some people have come to me that hear voices. It's not that they're, they're, they're got schizophrenia. It's because they've got an attachment and they can hear that voice and it sometimes, often enough goes on the crown.

Oliver Duke (25:33):

I see. Okay. Wow. Very, very interesting. Now there's another little story or a little something you told me before we came on air to record about a loft hatch. Could you expand on that and tell us about that, please? Yes.

Paula Mary (25:46):

Well, years ago I was doing, doing house clearing. I went on a course and I was doing house clearing. And you know, you, you sort

Oliver Duke (25:54):

Of, so just to clarify, sorry, this is not, you're not clearing houses out, houses out with a broom and a and a brush. No, <laugh>. This is, this is clearing entities and, and spirits, isn't it? Yeah, it's,

Paula Mary (26:02):

Yes. It's with crystals and rods.

Oliver Duke (26:05):

<Laugh>, right? Yep. Yep. That's it. So

Paula Mary (26:06):

You sort of work, what you do is you work outside first. So you sort of get to see if there's any lay lines and you work outside the property to then go into the property to clear anything. Because if you work in the property, you still got, and then you go out, the out can go in. So the best thing is to work out. And when you clear an outside space, some energies go into that, into the house or the area that you are working in. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So I was clearing the house and everything was good. I had my pendulum and it seemed to say that everything was fine. So I went, started to go in the house and I checked it and it, and it was a bit weird and I, I thought, oh, I dunno if there is anything here or not.


And then the lady said, oh, you must go up, up, up to the loft. You must clear the loft. And I said, oh, okay. Yeah, no, absolutely no problem at all. So I started going up the ladder and as I went up the ladder, I could feel this force. And now the loft hatch was shut at that particular time and I could feel the energy and I was like, whoa. Like to myself, oh, that's a bit strong. So, okay. So I was just going in the zone sort of, please leave me alone sort of thing. I'm, I'm here to, to talk to you. Cause the most important thing is to talk to the spirits first, not just move them on. It's, it's good that you have a connection. Mm. And say what you are doing rather than just surprise someone and take them to the light.


I think it's important just to, you know, communicate who is there, why they're there, and get some information for the client. So I walked, I, I, so anyway, I was struggling to go up and she said, oh no, it's very easy. You just push the, the loft hatch. So I pushed the loft hatch up and then all of a sudden I saw this boy little boy and he just pushed the loft hatch down and I fell back two steps. I nearly fell off the ladder. I was holding off <laugh>, I'm looking. Oh my God. But yeah, he, he pushed the loft hatch right down on me. Wow. Over so then I started to talk to him and said, oh, I'm really sorry I've come into your space. The lady in the house, you know, is worried about the energy. And then the boy was telling me that he died there. And he was about six years old. And he hadn't left. And I said, would you like to leave? And he said, yes. And then I sent him to the light and he, he went, he went. So yes, so when people sort of respond or they respond like that, it's, they think it's their space as well. You know, he's been living in that loft hatch for years. <Laugh>. Yeah. Right.

Oliver Duke (28:48):

And what did he look, what did he look like? Did you get a good look at him and was he wearing or, yeah, I

Paula Mary (28:53):

Got an outline of a boy. And he had black hair. And I didn't really get, I just got the face really. And I, I said, I'm not here to hurt you. And immediately he, he relaxed because, you know, again, spirits think you're coming in, we're gonna hurt them. So what do they do? They try and attack you, but they haven't, they now normally have a message for you, you know, and the message was that he did want to leave. But at the same time, he wanted to talk to me first before I just sort of went in and went, hello, <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (29:26):

Yeah, yeah.

Paula Mary (29:28):

But yes, lucky for me, I didn't hurt myself. I mean, I did dangle from the ladder and I was, for a moment there I thought I'd fallen God,

Oliver Duke (29:35):

God. Yeah. Yeah.

Paula Mary (29:37):

You know, so, but you know, you learn, you learn from these experiences. It's made me very like talk to, you have to talk to the spirit first before you sort of interrupt where they are. And I think it just helped going forward. And when you have an experience like that, you don't want another experience like that. So you do things differently. Yeah,

Oliver Duke (29:55):

Yeah. Learning from it. Exactly. Well, I mean, I suppose there's only so much can learn as well with that. It would seem like they all wouldn't follow a complete pattern and it would be wise to expect the unexpected. I suppose when you're going to do stuff like that in clearances, you dunno what kind of one entity could be very different from the next, I suppose. No,

Paula Mary (30:13):

Absolutely. I mean, you, and you have some spirits who don't want to leave or you have some spirits that just want to stay there. Mm-Hmm. and then obviously it's down to the owner that is living there, what they want to do. But I think, you know, you can move ev every spirit on, in my view, as long as obviously, you know, the owner would want you to do that. I, I think it's very much that a lot of spirits are connected to the house. Mm-Hmm. And, and you know, if you talk to them and explain to them that their family are waiting for them over the other side and you bring their family in, which I did with this little boy brought his dad in, then they wanna go cuz they wanna be with their loved ones. Sure. so, so you know, as long as you have a communication and you talk as if they were alive, you just have a chat with them and they talk back to you. I think that is really important in, in this day and age at the moment with spirits, I think, you know, ignoring them or just sort of getting rid of them is, is that they've all got a story. Every one of them, the dark, the light, they've all got a story and they, you know, and they're there for a reason. And so it's important to have an understanding of that.

Oliver Duke (31:24):

Sure. And would you say like a, like a younger soul like that, that had only been on the earth playing in that incarnation for such a short period of time would find it more difficult to move on? Is that the symptomatic?

Paula Mary (31:35):

Absolutely, yes. I, I would say because, you know, definitely and the, I suppose that it, they're light as well and they're mischievous as well. Yeah. And so they're sort of, they, they, they did the lid on the, the ladder for being cheeky <laugh>. Yeah. It wasn't, it wasn't vicious. It was not vicious. And I think that's where we humans think, oh my God, the spirit's just done that. But actually he was joking, he was young, he was fun, he was joking around as if his sister had gone up there and he would've done the same to her. So, you know, I think we've got to look at it differently sometimes. And really I have an understanding of who they are, why they're there, what their character is like, and really, and really talk to them. Yes,

Oliver Duke (32:21):

Definitely. Yeah. And I think it's not as bad as most people would think, like you say, because, you know, we're at the mercy of like filmmakers and, you know, Hollywood and all this kind of stuff that make these paranormal films and the music that they use and the, this kind of, the the fear element that they use to, to sell those films. And it's obviously nearly always given such a horribly negative spin when actually, like you're explaining it to me now and to everyone listening now that actually it's not like that nearly all the

Paula Mary (32:48):

Time. No, I think as long as you are not in fear, a lot of it, you see Oliver people call you and they're like, oh my god, my house is, I can't cope. I need to leave. You know, a lot of, and I can understand that. Totally.

Oliver Duke (33:01):

Their fear feeds into it. Is it, but the

Paula Mary (33:03):

Fear feeds into the energy. Mm-Hmm. And as a person that sends spirit into the light, you go go with fear, you go with trust, you go with compassion, you go with understanding, to communicate with them to find out why. And you don't go with fear. Because if you go with fear, you're not gonna get anywhere and

Oliver Duke (33:23):

Go with love as well, like you said earlier. Yeah.

Paula Mary (33:25):

Yeah. You go with love, you go with love from your heart with an understanding that they're lost.

Oliver Duke (33:31):

Right. Well that's a wonder. Another wonderful story. Now I wanted to ask you about, you've had unexpectedly had to do your own sort of house clearing, haven't you? Yes. in recent months where you, you Yes. You moved last year, didn't you? Yes. And this story I do know very, very well, cuz we've spoken about it at length on the phone before a couple of times. But yeah, please tell this story about when you moved into a new property cuz it's absolutely unbelievable.

Paula Mary (33:56):

Thank, thank you Oliver. Yes. A absolutely. So we moved in over a year ago now. When I viewed the property, I felt that it was sad. I just said, oh my God, this property is really sad, but I know that it will be fine. I know it's the right property, it's got lovely garden, it's, you know, it's really nice. And I, it needed a lot of work, but it, it was ideal for my work and got me office in the garden. Absolutely. So I thought, oh my God, it's sad. So the day we moved in, it was a bit of a, a bit of a day. It took a while and opened the door and walked in and I could feel the sadness of the property. So I walked in to say, you know, hi everybody. Hi Earth, hi everyone.


And as I walked in the property and went to the conservatory, I got sort of pushed in the side and I went, oh, not now, <laugh>. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, not now, please, not now. <Laugh>. And I ignored it. And then the next day my partner Annie, she got pushed to the side as well. And we ignored it as you do Oliver. Oliver, like mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. Yep. Cause you know, we're moving, we were unpacking, oh, go away was what I said, go away, sort of thing. And then I went into the conservatory again and I got tripped up and I bashed my knee on, on the knee and I said, oh, for God's sake, wherever you are, just go away. <Laugh>, <laugh>, you know, as you do,

Oliver Duke (35:36):

You're frustrated, I don't need

Paula Mary (35:37):

This. So two, two days later, Annie was sitting after eating her dinner and someone pushed her in the summer and she was wanting to be sick. And I said, oh my God, this, this isn't good. This isn't good. We've gotta do something. So I text my friend and coworker Nikki Allen, and she said, oh, Paula do do something called calling out where you call out the spirit. So you bring them out. And I've never done it before. I'd never done a calling out. So you sit there and you call the spirit out Now, it was cold, it was in February, and we had the firearm, and Annie and I, she told us what to do. So we lit some candles. She told us exactly what to do. So we sat there and we called the spirit out and we both went, oh my goodness.


And there was the face in the fire and we was like, whoa, whoa, <laugh> as you do. And we said, please leave. The, the very next day went into the garage and the tool fell off the bench and I got hit on the side and I'm like, this isn't good. So we went back and we did another calling out and asked him to leave, and he disappeared from the fire again. But the very next day, Annie got hurt again. So I'm thinking, this is silly. I don't know quite what to do. And my friend, I was talking to my friend, she said, Paula, I'm really shocked with you. I said, what? She said, you are a psychic medium, just talk to him. <Laugh>, <laugh>. I went, oh, <laugh>. And, and, and I thought, yes, she's absolutely right. I need to talk to the spirit. So, but that night I didn't do it. We'd moved him, we were still unpacking, and I was lying in bed and he came down and presented himself in the night. And I saw his full vision of of him. And I said, what do you want? What is it that you want?

Oliver Duke (37:39):

So how did, so just to stop you there, just how, so how did he come, did, did he fall through the ceiling or how, and and how did, was he present? He came, presented. Was he solid? Was he like a, a mis or He was solid.

Paula Mary (37:48):

Solid. He was solid. I saw he had, he had black hair. I, he had a shirt on and he came down in full and I just said, go away. This is like, this is ridiculous. Go away. Which is wrong. I know, looking back, I could have handled it differently.

Oliver Duke (38:08):

Wasn't that in the middle of the night? Was it, was it in the middle? Yes.

Paula Mary (38:10):

Yeah, in the middle of the night. And he went, so the next day I came down to my office, I got my pen and paper and I could prepared myself to connect to the spirit to find out exactly why he wouldn't go and why he's hurting us. And basically it was, I was ignoring him. We were ignoring him. And he, he passed over in this property, which we didn't even know, the estate agents didn't tell us mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and that. And he passed over. He had a party in the property the night before. And he told his girlfriend he didn't want her to stay, and she went home up the road. And when she came back in the morning, about eight o'clock, she found him. And this is what he was telling me. And he was so upset that he wanted a message to the girlfriend.


He wanted to speak to her, he wouldn't leave. He was quite bullyish in a way. He was like, I'm not leaving Paula until you find her and I need this message. I wrote the message down. It was really heartfelt and it was really sad. It was about the holidays together. It was about, you know, his love for her and certain significant things about a certain what she bought for her for her birthday. And there were certain sort of information that I wrote all down. And he said you've got a week to find her <laugh>. I said, thanks, we've got a week to

Oliver Duke (39:39):

Find her or what? Yeah, <laugh>.

Paula Mary (39:41):

So I said, well, you've got to promise me, you've got to me that you're not gonna hurt us while we're here while we find, find her. Now. He did give me a name. He gave me a name. And what I did was I put it on Facebook locally. And within sort of half an hour got communication and I think it was on like a Wednesday. And on the Sunday the girlfriend turned up here. Wow. She didn't go in the house. She was too distraught about the situation. And she sat outside and I read her the message of comfort from him. And she, she left with nothing. The, the family took everything she did. She was with him for over 20 years and she got nothing from his death. So there was a trinket I found in the office. And I gave to her and I came over. She came over and said, he's here now. He's in the trinket box. He's gonna come home with me. And she thanked me so much about the situation. She was, couldn't believe the messages were so real of what I said. And that night he'd gone. But prior to that, that night he came down again, I forgot this bit. He came down again, show me in full form to say thank you. Wow.


And this time he was suited and booted. And he had a smile on his face. Oh, great. And he said, thank you. So, so obviously, you know, I was ignoring him. And so he was being more aggressive with his touching and pushing because he wanted this message to get across, sent to her. And she has, you know, since spoke to me and said, it's made a huge difference to her grief.

Oliver Duke (41:31):

Peaceful, more peaceful, I should imagine. Yeah. Wow. And so how long have you lived in the property now? For

Paula Mary (41:38):

Over a year.

Oliver Duke (41:39):

And there's been no other incidences,

Paula Mary (41:41):

No other incidence.

Oliver Duke (41:43):

That is an absolutely fascinating story, and I'm sure everyone listening would agree with that. Thank you so much for sharing that story with us, Paula, and the other stories that you've told us today on psychic social. It's, it's mind boggling stuff. Brilliant.

Paula Mary (41:56):

Oh, yes. And I, I think it's, it's really important though that we, we don't get frightened because I was just like, go away. I mean, I was moving. I wasn't working. I suppose the thing was, I should have realised I sh I should have dealt with it a bit differently at the time. But you think, you know, I'll go away, leave me alone sort of thing. But I, the all I'm gonna say is when someone, their spirit is doing that, they want something, they need something they're very upset. And if you just speak to them, I think you'll get a real sort of calmness around the situation and then they'll leave.

Oliver Duke (42:34):

Yeah. And that leads the, the, the not being a faith thing leads nicely with, with what we spoke about in the first half of the show. Yes. About strength, you know, going into the fear, being brave and all that kind of stuff. And how that kind of thinking and mindset and behaviour benefits you as opposed to being scared or being in fear or anything like that. Because like you say, the spirits and the entities can pick up on that fear and they would almost somehow feed on it to a degree.

Paula Mary (42:58):

Yes. And the more that I was in fear when he was pushing me, the more he pushed me. <Laugh>.

Oliver Duke (43:04):

Yeah. <Laugh>. Exactly.

Paula Mary (43:06):

Yeah. You know, go away. Oh, I can't deal with this. I've just moved. I don't need this. Don't need it, don't it. Yeah. But, you know, and that's what we need. We need to take a bit of time to think, hang on a minute. I could, you know, I'm a medium common, Paula, don't be so

Oliver Duke (43:20):

Silly. You've got this. Yeah, exactly. Well, thank, thanks again so much Paula, for telling us those stories, especially that last one. There's absolutely unbelievable story. Well this is, we've come to the end of the show now. This particular on this particular podcast, it's been an absolutely amazing podcast. This one about obviously the strength car we spoke about in the first part of the show and all this paranormal stuff with psychic Media and Paula Mary in the second half. Now before we let Paula go, Paula has got a fantastic, lovely code for our 10 hour tarot course on our website. The web address is below in the show notes. So go and have a look at that. Her code is Paula 20, so that's Paula 20. So the course is currently 97 pounds. If you put that in, you'll get 20 pounds off.


So that's a great code. Thank you very much for that, Paula. And you can also, once you've done that, if you want to, you can pay in three as well. So you don't have to pay the whole 77 pounds up front. You can pay with Klarna which most people know by now as you think about Klarna. And you can pay in three instalments across three months. It's like 25 pounds something a month. So once again, thank you so much Paula for joining us and another thing before we go is if you love this show and you're loving Psychic social, please give us a lovely review if you can on any of the podcast platforms, especially if you're listening on Apple Podcasts the platform. Please give us a lovely review when the show's finished. We'd really appreciate that. It helps us get this fantastic content to you every week. Well I just wanna say thank you again, Paula. Thank you so much for joining us. And we'll see you for the next card very soon and the next podcast.

Paula Mary (44:55):

Fantastic. Thank you Oliver. It's lovely to be on this show.

Oliver Duke (44:58):

It's lovely to have you again. Have a wonderful day and we'll speak with you soon. And you, bye. Thanks. Bye.

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