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🔮 The Mediums message as her Father passed . . . & (0) THE FOOL Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:031] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Medium, Paula Mary, who has been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 35 years

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**This Podcast was recorded on 2nd May 2023**




With Medium, Paula Mary PSPE:031

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Paula Mary (00:12):

And then he said, that night when I was sleeping, I, I got a call to a spiritual call saying, I'm going now, Paula, thank you. I'm gonna go I'm gonna go very soon. And then in the next morning, I was in the garden and he said, I'm gone, Paula, I'm gone. Thank you for your help. I'm gone.

Oliver Duke (00:35):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us here. We have had quite a time off here. We've not been on psychic Social and doing this show for about a year now, or maybe a bit more because we've been very busy in the background. Very busy indeed doing things, creating wonderful things in the psychic, spiritual community mainly based around tarot and the tarot cards. A lot of you may know that we have a wonderful online tarot course at the moment. 10 Hour Tarot, which we launched last year and had fantastic time filming and making that. And we've also launched recently our brand-new tarot cards. They're based on the original classic deck. And we've spent an awful lot of time researching and development developing those cards to give them to you, which is what we're kind of gonna talk a little bit about today.


But our guest today is someone who we have known for a number of years now and have been working with through the last few years, and developing the course with her and also with Psychic Medium, Nicky Alan and psychic Intuitive Victoria. And she's helped us greatly along the way with this course. And she's filmed some fan fantastic content. And if you haven't got the course already, you'll learn more about that in this show and future coming shows. But I'd like to introduce our guest, Paul Mary thank you so much for joining us today on our brand New Look Psychic Social. It's wonderful to have you here. And yeah, would you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you've been up to?

Paula Mary (02:04):

Thank you Oliver for the lovely introduction. I'm Paul Mary. I'm a psychic, medium and spiritual healer focusing on anxiety and also psychic surgery. But my focus, obviously, as Oliver said over the last year, has been the tarot and making the course with Oliver and psychic.co.uk, which has been really delightful and very informative. And yes, it's a 10 hour tarot course, which we will talk on a little bit more. But yes, my work mainly is in online <laugh> in America, Oliver. Yeah. and people do come to the house for healing. And yes, I, I'm very busy and I'm always looking to help people and, you know, to connect sort of to their soul to their energy and to try and see what guidance they need at this particular time. So yes, very busy in my work at the moment, Oliver,

Oliver Duke (03:06):

That, that's good to hear. It's great. And I was just thinking actually while we were talking as well there, that just the first time that I, I knew about you, I think Nicky Alan got in touch with me and said, you know, she contact Paula, she's, you know, fascinating medium. And that's when we got in touch, didn't we? Yes. And then we became friends after that. But yeah, it was some of the stuff that, you know, I learned about you when we first started talking and like the you know, the paranormal yes house, house clearings and stuff like that is right up my street. And I was just thought, I need to get to talk to this woman. She sounds fascinating. So yeah, that's when we kind of got speaking and, and you came on the podcast a few years ago, one of our first podcasts, and that was a great chat as well.


So if anyone that's listening hasn't heard that, go and check it out. I think it was episode nine or 10, but go and check it out and to have a listen. But yeah, that was in, in instant in instantly peaked my interest. You did. And yeah, we've, we've done a lot of things together over the years, haven't we? And we have to, the culminating in that course, which has been yeah, it was months and months of filming, and it was fantastic fun. And obviously Paula, you came up, didn't you? And film with us in Manchester a bit and, and stuff like that. And it was, it was hard. I only just recovered. Right. Yeah. Well, I was just about to say it was really, really hard work for everyone involved, but it was, it was a great effort and everyone put in and, and I think the result shows that, you know, what we created was 10 hours of high quality video on demand.


We would call it content, you know, so you don't need to be there, do you? It's not a live, they're not live classes or courses. It's just a, a kind of online course that you can kind of dip in and out at your leisure, isn't it? Which I think is, yes, I get the feeling from the, from the community of people that want to learn, you know, spiritual stuff and the tarot that, although, you know, the live stuff is great and it's brilliant and it has its place, I think in the yes. People's lives at the moment. A lot of people don't have time or can't make things in the evenings and stuff like that. So doing it at their own pace, you know, in their own time, I think is, can be, is beneficial, I think

Paula Mary (04:56):

Covid. Yeah. Yes. And I think also Covid has changed. People want to, they don't wanna mix, do they? Not all the time. Or they want to feel really safe if they do. So I think an online at the moment is something that people really sort of feel more comfortable at at

Oliver Duke (05:09):

This time. Yeah, exactly. And like you say, a lot of people are doing stuff online, they don't wanna be in person, so yeah, it's a, it's a good thing for that as well. So yeah, that was, that was great. And I think a couple, was it a couple of years ago, I think I, I, I ended up coming down to see you at the seaside. Yes. We had lunch together, didn't we? And spoke about all things, you know, psychic and paranormal and stuff. And I, yes, I came into your old treatment room and you did a healing on me, and it was absolutely, yeah, it was fascinating. I mean, I'd never had like a reiki psychic healing, and I think I, I sort of lay on your cat, your healing couch. You did. You did. Yes. And you worked on me for about an hour and a half, which felt like 15 minutes. And yes. <Laugh>, do you remember when I got off the couch and I was, I felt like I was drunk and I couldn't walk. I wanted to go to the toilet. I couldn't walk. It was just a, a very, you know, surreal feeling that I'd never experienced before. And it was, it was, it was fascinating. And obviously great to meet you and see you in your, your spiritual space there. That was in your old house, wasn't it? Yes,

Paula Mary (06:01):

Absolutely. In a new house now, which we, I have my own treatment room in the garden as well. And it's a lovely space and yes, and I channel all my readings and my healing, and I just sort of go into a trance and bring the energy down mm-hmm. <Affirmative> mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So it, yes. So it's not me that does it as such.

Oliver Duke (06:20):

No, sure. Yeah. And that's the understanding that I think a lot of people you know, would like to learn more about that, wouldn't they? And obviously we've done lots and lots of live shows on online over the years and, you know, some of the messages that Paula has brought through and that eye witness to, you know, members of the public is Yes. Yeah. Astonishing, astonishing stuff, isn't it? Thank you. No, it is. Yeah. You're very, very, very, very connected, aren't you?

Paula Mary (06:43):

Yes, I always have been at a very early age, about four. But I think, you know, when you look back at it, I was anxious then at that particular time. And I think the more I look back on it now, when you are anxious and you sort of tune up and you connect, you, you, you feel a lot calmer. But at the same time, through sort of your own physical trauma, you open up to a higher vibration. Mm-Hmm. So I do think the more people that have perhaps have trauma in their lives, they're actually far more psychic. Yeah. Or the, you know, a lot of psychic mediums do have trauma in their lives, and they are more in a high vibration, and they actually connect to different realms because of that. I say because if you are, it opens you up. I feel

Oliver Duke (07:28):

That. I was just about to say, yeah, I was just about to say, that kind of opens up your sensitivity and opens up your awareness and your ability to not only understand things more, but feel things much more deeply. Yes. on an energetic level, isn't it?

Paula Mary (07:43):

Yes, absolutely. Yeah. And from four years of age, very much so for me, six as well, nine, I had my sort of first connection mm-hmm. 11. I spoke to my guides like really well. Mm-Hmm. So yes, sort of a very young age. And I think, you know, you, you develop as you go on, I think you're always developing. Yeah. sure. And, you know, you never just reach that vibration. I think the vibration can go on and on and on. The higher you go, the more stuff you deal with, the more stuff that comes out that you have to look at and think, oh, actually I thought I was all right actually, I need to have a look at that. And the more you clear, the more your higher vibration goes up and up.

Oliver Duke (08:21):

Yes. Yeah. And it's like peeling back layers, isn't it, I suppose, as well. And the more you, you, you know, you think, you know, the less you think, you know, as you go on, you sort of start to understand that, you know, discovering more about yourself and our existence on this earth and what is to potentially happen beyond that is Yes. Yeah. It's, it's fascinating to find out all that.

Paula Mary (08:38):

It's fascinating. And, you know, a couple years ago if someone said to me, do you believe in aliens? And that, I'd say, no, but you ask me that question now and I'll say yes,

Oliver Duke (08:48):

Because I've had

Paula Mary (08:48):


Oliver Duke (08:49):

Yeah, yeah, sure. And we've also had this,

Paula Mary (08:52):

Cause if you go up and you, you work in your vibration, go up to the different rounds.

Oliver Duke (08:56):

Yeah, exactly. And we've also had US government disclosure and we as well on top of that Yes. <Laugh>, which just helped. But yeah. Alright, well, let's, it is lovely to, you know hear, hear everything about you and, and the listeners get a, a good idea of about who you are and what you've been involved with over the last few years with psyche.co uk and our new tarot cards actually. Yes. But, which is what's gonna lead me onto that. I think we're gonna, we, we've decided we're gonna kind of do have a little chat on these shows about the tarot deck, the classic tarot deck. Yes. And we are gonna have a look at that today. It's the Pamela Coleman Smith drawings. I think you guys all know the ones we are referring to. So it's the ba it's the basic date that everyone, most people would start with or use around the world when they want to delve into the tarot or do tarot readings.


And we're gonna kind of have just, just a chat about each card, and we're gonna kind of start from the start, aren't we, Paula? So I think we've picked out the full, haven't we? Yes. And we're gonna have a chat about the full and, you know, an overview. If you could give us an over overview of what that means, just kind of on its own. And yes, just talk, talk people through who, dunno anything about Tower really, or who are just starting what the, the depiction means, what, what the references in the picture can mean, whether it be, you know, the colours or the objects or the things in that picture and what that can represent as the card is turned for the person looking at it.

Paula Mary (10:14):

Yes. No, absolutely. I mean, the first thing is when, when you turn the car, it says the fool on it. And you know, when, when we look at the fool, you have this over sort of whelming feeling of that person is a fool, you know, <laugh>, oh my God, that person represents the fool. So, so the message is don't drive yourself <laugh> around the bend to be the fool, if that makes sense. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it, it doesn't necessarily represent that you are a fool at all. It represents that you don't waste your time. Like, don't waste your time to be that fool. So does zero. If you look, there's a light, a zero point over the top of the fall. It's like, don't waste your life. You know, tap into the beautiful sort of sunlight connection. You've got the, you've got the sunshine, but it's white. You've got the do the dog there, which is white, but also you've got the beautiful sort of yellow sunshine, haven't you? And

Oliver Duke (11:11):

The white is, and the white is a sign, sorry to interject, but the whites I think is a sign of, of purity, isn't it? Of like you new beginnings and

Paula Mary (11:18):

You know, of awakened awake to be awakened. I feel Oliver, you know, you waken your soul, you waken yourself up, you've the fool. You've got everything there. So it's like, you just have to, don't be that fool. You can, you can change it within a second. It means, if that makes sense. You know, you've got everything at your door, you're standing on the cliff edge, you are holding you, you can see that you're holding is it a

Oliver Duke (11:45):

No sack or something, isn't it? Yeah. Is that

Paula Mary (11:47):

Yes, mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So it's like you can let go of that burden. let go of that burden, throw it away, push, take it over the edge, throw it away. You don't need to hold onto it because you've got the sun shining down the radiance of that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, the desire, the positivity to be strong and reliable. So you've got all of that staring at you. So it's basically saying, you've got it, don't let it go. Don't be the fool to let go of the talents that you have. So it's just about connecting to that positivity, connecting to the white, the radiance, the sensitivity, and actually going into your heart centre and actually realising that you are so talented, you can do anything. You don't have to balance on that cliff edge, <laugh>. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (12:35):

<Affirmative>. Yeah, sure. You

Paula Mary (12:36):

Know, you walk away with your head out throwing the burdens of your life away because sometimes they will hold you down. It, you know, you'd like to learn new things, I feel for the full mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. and it's about knowing that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and it's about not holding onto the past as well. It's about learning new things, I feel. And it's about the power of you, the power of now, if you look at that full there and see the, how powerful they are with the sun shining the, the yellow the dog, the white, even the yellow boots are bright. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it's about holding onto the power of you, the power of now, and the calm and the freedom of that mm-hmm. And the openness of that. And yeah. So actually it's a really good card to have. It's not a foolish card where people say

Oliver Duke (13:30):

<Laugh>. I think it more sort of represents that the fools, the the fools the beginning of the journey, doesn't it? The new beginning and just everything's, it's the beginning

Paula Mary (13:36):

And an end,

Oliver Duke (13:37):

Isn't it? Sure. Oliver.

Paula Mary (13:38):

Yeah. It's, the card represents a beginning and an end mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And so it's about bringing all your talents together, holding onto the positivity of all the colours and knowing that you can do and achieve anything. Mm-Hmm. Mm-hmm. And it's like, get rid of that burden because they are holding that burden, so it's just get, get rid of it. Mm-Hmm. Because they've even got like a flower in their hand, actually. So it's like, you know, we're blossoming, we, we we're, you know, we're, and be alert as well because the dog there is jumping up. So it, so it's showing the alertness. Sure. So be alert in every day.

Oliver Duke (14:17):

Would you, and Yeah, sure. Sorry to again, but would you say is, would there be a possible slight negative side to the card in terms of it showing a sense of ignorance in a way with someone due to them being like, you know, the full new, the new beginning, not really knowing anything, being a bit foolish. Would you say that? Yes. Or is that more the reverse, would you say?

Paula Mary (14:37):

Yes, you can have the, obviously the reverse of that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I mean, if you, if you look at the white, the reverse of that would be blank. Your mind's gone blank. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, do you know what I mean? Yeah. It's like the dog's white, but is he giving you a warning? So if you look at the reverse of the white on the card, yes. It could mean that you've lost your focus. Yeah. For example. And the dog is alerting you to that. So it is, yes. So there is a slight there on the, on that negative side. Definitely.

Oliver Duke (15:06):

Sure. Well, I mean, a, a lot of people probably already know, and if they don't know that these, the, these, the cards could be interpreted in an upright and the reverse position. Yes. So, you know, when we talk about reversed or inverted the forward would, if it's gets drawn upside down or inverted, then obviously it has those different meanings and generally not exclusively or across the tarot, but generally the reverse meanings of all the cards upside down tend to have a bit more of a negative spin on them, don't they? Yes.

Paula Mary (15:33):

For example, like the boots, you know, the, the yellow boots mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, the negative would be he talks with his feet, not his head. Yeah. <laugh>. Yeah. That sort of thing. Yeah. You know, so, so yes, there is, there's always a reverse there.

Oliver Duke (15:46):

Sure. Well, that, that's great. Thank you, Paula. Well, I mean, it leads me on to sort of just tell people about, if they don't already know, we've, last year we kind of came up with a fantastic new concept, and it's a revolutionary concept that's not been done anywhere in the world, we think, and we're pretty sure it's these tarot cards. We've actually linked up our tarot cards with loads of video definitions that we've done. Yes, with this course. Now, you don't have to have the course with the cards, you can have the course and the cards, but they do go pretty well together. But the cards have got two QR codes on the back, and the cards are called QR Tarot, Springfield, QR Tarot. There's two QR codes on the back of all 78 cards. And when you put the card down, you pick the card out, say we've got the full here we're talking about today, you just turn it around and you scan the QR code at the top or scan the QR code at the top for the upright definition.


And that takes you to a video that's been recorded by Nicky Alan, psychic medium. And that'll be a definition that she'll give on video and tell you what the meaning of that card is as well. Now every kind of practitioner, lots of different practitioners have slightly different definitions of what the cards are mean. Yes. And are, but they're essentially kind of the same on the whole, aren't they Paula? But Yes, absolutely. Yeah. But what you'll do is you'll get sent to that, and you can watch that, and that gives you an idea. Now it's just an overview. I mean, you really need to, when you start to learn the tarot, I think you need to kind of have your own ideas and own perceptions and understand the ca as you get to understand the cards a bit better. You, you know, you'll be able to link the meanings and understand the meanings and describe the cards better.


And also, you know, kind of when you are when you get to a further level, when you start to sort of feel that you are channeling information about the cards, and that is even more info. But for the beginners and intermediate, this is, well, I suppose this is a great, great deck because you can get those definitions. You scan, scan the QR code. Yes. You get the upright-meaning video, and if you turn the card round, you scan another QR code, and there's a reverse meaning of the fall there. And that'll take you to a video with psychic Intuitive Victoria, and she'll tell you about the reverse meaning for that card. But it's a really good learning tool. And obviously there's two QR codes on back of each one of all of each 78 cards. So people that want to learn the tarot, the classic tarot deck, this is a fantastic tool, isn't it, Paula, for them to Yes.

Paula Mary (17:59):

No, absolutely. And I think it, you know, and it's done really well as well with all your hard work as well, and it, it,

Oliver Duke (18:06):

Yeah. Well, and yours as well. Yeah. Yeah. We couldn't have done it without you either. No.

Paula Mary (18:09):

But it, but it all, all, all, all four of us, shall I say. So it, it is a very positive, the course. And, and, you know, we we're passionate, all of us that are part of the course and we hopefully, you know, you will learn something re really powerful within it because I think it will really show you how you read cards. It will show you the meaning of the cards, but also it will show you that anyone el anyone can do it as well, you know? Yeah. and it will give you a sort of a really calm way of learning. And I think it's very positive, Oliver, in how it's been done and, and how it's portrayed. And, you know, I'm very proud to be part of it because I think it is very good in how it is put out there on how you read the cards.

Oliver Duke (18:57):

Yeah, thank you. And like I say, you know, we, we were so glad that you, you, you were involved and that, that Nicky Alan and, and Victoria involved and you know, the four of us, you know, and, and psychic.co uk put this together and yeah. Nicky Alan. Yeah, it was brilliant. And like I say, it, it is not something that I don't think anyone has seen before, and it is just such a simple and easy way to learn, you know, and even people I know that have kind of been intermediates and, and been doing tar a bit, even then, you know, you might be pulling out a Celtic Cross or something and you've, you've turned a card over and you're like, I can't quite remember what the, what the five of five of, of Pentacles means, you know? And you just give it a quick scan and within 10 seconds or less, you can have, you can get a, get yourself another idea of what that means.


Yes. So yeah, but that's, that's, that's the cards that we've been working on for so long, haven't we, Paula? And yes. Also 10 Hour Tarot, basically that's, that's the course. And that's separate to the cards, but that's the wonderful online course that we spoke about earlier. Yes. And well, maybe we can have a little quick chat about that at the end of the show, Paula, and tell people a bit more about that. We've got a link for you for that as well. But yeah, why don't we take a quick break and then we'll come back and we're gonna chat about some, some bit more about your experiences within your psychic life and mediumship and so people can learn a bit more about you.

Imaging Voice (20:15):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Oliver Duke (20:24):

Hi there. Hope you're enjoying the show today. I wanted to tell you again about QR Tarot. Now, this is a revolutionary deck. We spoke about it earlier in the show, but this is an absolute game changing way to learn the tarot. And we've made this tarot deck in conjunction with Nicky Alan, psychic medium, Paula Psychic Medium, and Victoria Psychic Intuitive. And this deck has QR codes on the back of all 78 cards. So it's got two QR codes, and you scan one for upright and two for reversed. So once you scan the upright code, just take your phone out, get the camera on your phone and scan it, and it'll take you directly to a video of Nicky Alan describing you the upright definition of that card. And then if you scan the reverse definition, it'll take you to another video of Victoria discussing and describing that reverse definition of that particular card.


And that is the same for all 78 cards in this classic QR tarot deck. And it's based on the classic 78 card deck with the illustrations by Pamela Coleman Smith, the one that everyone knows and loves. So all you have to do is literally, it's that simple, scan it, and it's one fantastic revolutionary learning experience that we are so proud to have launched with Nicky, Paula, and Victoria. And in the cards you'll get the booklet as well, which will give you a QR code on each card in, in the deck as well. So another 78 QR codes, and you scan that, and that'll take you to an even deeper dive, much more information about that tarot card. And also what we're throwing in is a free version of our taster course that comes with the cards when you buy them. So all you have to do is follow the instructions in the booklet and the cards when you get them, and you can register for your free version of our taster course.


And then we also have got a fantastic deal on the main course of 10 hour tarot. And you can find out there what sort of discount you're gonna get when you buy the cards. So you can get the cards right now. They're available@psychic.co uk slash qr tarot. And we'll put the link in the description below. They are on amazon.co uk and amazon usa. So amazon.com, and you can buy those cards through the website, that'll take you to your relevant Amazon site. And you can also go to Amazon as well, search QR tarot. So if you head there, you can get yourself a deck right now. They are unbelievable and you don't wanna miss out on this fantastic revolutionary learning experience. Okay, right now, back to the show.

Imaging Voice (22:51):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (23:01):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. And we are back and we're talking with Paul and Mary, today's psychic medium. And we've been talking about the tarot and what the tarot meanings mean, and our brand new tarot deck QR tarot, as well as our great online video and demand course, 10 hour tarot. So welcome back, Paula. We just wanted to ask you, ask you a few more questions, you know? Yes. Of, of course. So again, the listeners can learn a bit more about you and what you, what you do, and what you've been up to. Obviously we spoke a, a few years ago on, on the show, and if they want to listen back to that, we said, obviously they can listen back to psychic social, I think it was episode nine. But just wanted to know, tell us a bit more about what you've been up to in the last year or two. Obviously we can, we can discuss the course in a bit and some sort of stories and fun we had doing that. But tell us a bit about what you've been up to the last couple of years.

Paula Mary (23:51):

Oh, thank you. Oliver. Oliver. Yes. Well, I carry on with my work. I'm in the middle of actually training to be a shame and practitioner actually. Right. Oliver Oliver. It's sort of I think we always have to develop, for me, it's always good to learn different things and then mix it up. I'm not saying you have to stick with that mm-hmm. <Affirmative> type, sort of practitioner, but learning how to do that. And I've been gone on some great journeys on the lower, the lower level, the middle and the upper mm-hmm. <Affirmative> sort of to, to make connections. So I think it's, it's been different because, you know, when, when you start out, I think you, you stay with what you are doing at that particular time. I mean, I just connected to my guides when I was younger and I sort of stacked that format mm-hmm.


<Affirmative>, but this is a different way of doing it. And it's been actually really quite sort of awakening in a way going to the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world. Whereas before I would just tune right up, you know? Sure. so it's, it's different, but it actually is really, really good. And I sort of used it, you go to the lower world to sort of get your animal your power animal. And that, that was really interesting. I got this otter, believe it or not, right. You, you apparently you get a wild, a wild right animal. But that brings out flow and, and balance as well, which I think was, was really positive. So I've been doing that. It is a couple of years course mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. So I'm only sort of a little way in that, but that is really sort of doing different things, which I think we get sometimes I would say, I don't know if we get stuck, but I think it's good to learn new things in different ways.


Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, because I think you get a lot of therapists and a lot of mediums who just stick to that format or that healing. So sorry, that healing you say whether you do reiki or you will mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you sort of do any or angel healing and you just stick to that one thing. And I think this is good to sort of have a different look. Sure. Actually you can mix it up a little bit mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. But the work that I do is very much on psychic surgery. My healing, I work with a lot of people who are ill. This morning I worked, I went to eastward to my client there who's got cancer, who's had it for eight years. So I, I generally work with people that are, have got a high level of illness with my healing, always have done that.


Always helping them to sort of move over to the other side as well. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> enable them to be able to cope with that. I'm very passionate about that. Because people get very sort of worried if you are not sort of connected. And I think healing really helps you to have an understanding that you'll be safe when you die, because I don't feel many people really talk about it, do they? No. And it's just like an unknown. And I say that because recently, like, you know, I lost my dad mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and he was very and he the sort of spiritual side, and he was very worried about dying. Mm. And I talked to him in hospital and I, and I gave him some healing and you know what he felt so different from that mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. And then he said that night when I was sleeping, I, I got a call, a spiritual call saying, I'm going now, Paula, thank you.


I'm gonna go I'm gonna go very soon. And then in the next morning I was in the garden and he said, I'm gone, Paula, I'm gone. Thank you for your help. I'm gone. And I came into the house and the phone rang and he had told he was gone. So what I'm trying to say is that I think, you don't know, I didn't know my dad was gonna communicate with me. Actually, it was a bit of a shock because he never <laugh>, he never said he was interested or didn't believe in that, in that stuff, although he sort of was happy with what I was doing. Mm-Hmm. and so I feel that there is, that I would really like to help people. It's made me want to help people more, having a more understanding that death is okay and you don't, and you don't go and you, you are still there, if that makes sense. Oliver. Oliver. Mm-Hmm. So I think that's really sort of important of what I've been through recently with my dad. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, knowing that even if you are not spiritual, actually my goodness, you can come through <laugh>.

Oliver Duke (28:25):

Yeah, sure. And I think we can talk. Yeah, I think you're right. You know, and I think in terms of like people, you know, not talking about it enough. And I think that's quite obvious why people don't, because Yes. You know, 99.9% of people are petrified of death or not. Of course. You know, of course they're Yes. And it's something that is just, they'd just rather not think about until they have, until they have to. But I think it's, we should, we should have more conversations about it, cuz then it might make people feel more comfortable Yes. With it. And that it's not finality. And actually our existence is just this sort of linear thing that goes from beginning to end where, you know, energetic existence outside of our bodies and outside of this world, it, there is no beginning and end. It's just always there. It, it always is and it always will be. You knows. Absolutely. That's what needs to be understood more, I think, or I think

Paula Mary (29:11):

So. Yeah. Because my dad was very frightened. I hold his hand and said, there's nothing to be frighten about. And in fact, my friend gave him some crystal healing as well and he said, yes, please. And this was the first time, right. He'd really sort of opened up mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and then he said he was okay and he wasn't frightened anymore. And I think that that was really, really sort of enlightening for me and for other people. And I think, you know they're scared and there was other people in the hospital that were scared about dying as well. And I think, you know they don't need to be, and I know it's hard to say that, but I think, I do think there needs to be some, I don't know whether they do them in hospitals or not, but some sort of like, it's okay.


Mm-Hmm. You know, some sort of spiritual awareness that it will be okay when you are, when you know, you, you die yours, you, you do live on. And you know, my dad speaks to me every day now I have a bench out in the garden and I say to him, you only speak to me when you're there. And every time we go to the bench, he goes, hello Paula <laugh>. But I say, <laugh>, hello dad. So, you know yeah. Yeah. So I, I feel more people need to be more aware of, of when they're old, they don't want to die. And I, and I know there's a few people that I work with at the moment that are very scared of passing over with their illnesses mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. and if I can just help one person be a bit more positive for that they will be okay then that, that's my job done, really, I

Oliver Duke (30:35):

Feel. Sure. Exactly. And I think it's also a sense of people awakening to a degree that they are, you know, not just a, a human body with a mind and a body, you know, there is, they are so much more than that. And, and awakening out of the fact that they are, you know, just waking up in the morning, going to work, you know, coming home and you know, having a holiday a year and Yes. And, you know, doing all the, the things that human beings do, but awakening to the fact that there is everything else outside of that. There is so much more outside of that. And it's almost like awakening from asleep, isn't it, as such? And I think there seemed to be many more people doing that these days. And I think Covid had been a very good facilitator for that.


Yes. I think so it's great that more people can awaken and discuss these sorts of things, you know, much more openly. Yeah. Especially when it comes to men as well. Cuz let's face it, their friends take the mick out of them, don't they? And like women are able to discuss this without generalising. I think women are able to probably discuss this a lot more freely and, and deeply and better among, among other women rather than men would find it, most men find it difficult, I should think. But yeah, I think that awakening thing will is, is hopefully gonna be carrying on. So more and more people awakened and realise that, like we said before, you know, it's not, not, you know, it's not definite death. There's no, there's infinite

Paula Mary (31:56):

Beyond that. No. I mean, you know, I I I do meet Jim ship every day and I, and I bring people through that have passed over. But it's different when you suddenly, you know, with your, your own dad, it, it, it was, it was like, whoa, how did that happen? Yeah. <laugh>

Oliver Duke (32:10):


Paula Mary (32:11):

Well you're speaking to me dad. You know, so I I,

Oliver Duke (32:14):

Yeah. It was still a bit of a, you know, I was gonna say it's still a bit of a shock to you because I know some of the things that I, I, you know, you've told me you've experienced, you know free-roaming Yes. Apparitions, you know, full apparitions of people, your solid Yes. Apparitions of your spirit, you know? Yes. that's happened to you in the past, so, but yes, I can imagine it was even after you've experienced all that it must have been Yeah, yeah. Strange for you don't, but it's

Paula Mary (32:37):

Really positive. It's, it's really positive that you know, and we had such a lovely goodbye as well, which was, which you know, is, is amazing. Mm-Hmm. And I think then that made me realise all the poor people that didn't say goodbye to their loved ones in Covid Yeah.

Oliver Duke (32:52):

That was a travesty. And then I

Paula Mary (32:53):

Think that's what's happening in mediumship because mediumship is becoming really sort of popular at the moment because I feel people now, over the last two years, they couldn't say goodbye to their loved ones and now they're ready mm-hmm. From their grief to come to a medium and get a message from their loved one of course when they didn't say goodbye. Mm-Hmm. And I think that is a real, really powerful at the moment. Yeah. To me anyway, in the clients, they, they're coming to me and, and they didn't say goodbye to their loved ones. They're ready now. Cuz grief can take a lot of time, can't it? Mm-Hmm. And some people don't want to hear, but a year on that, you know, they want to know if they're okay. And I, and I think it's very powerful and the, the mediumship messages are getting are very, very powerful indeed from both sides.


Mm-Hmm. because they couldn't say goodbye and, and I'm just the link between the two of them Sure. To, to pass on the messages either side and, and that, you know, to me that is really wonderful work to do that because they couldn't say goodbye. Mm-Hmm. And there's so many people in spirit who are quite angry that they weren't allowed to say goodbye to their loved ones. You sures, you know, because they weren't allowed in the hospital or anything, and they didn't get to say the words that they would want to say. And, you know, I know that more now with my dad because he actually told, he told me those words. So the people, so now it makes it more powerful for me when I work because a lot of the people haven't said that goodbye. And I'm, I'm like, oh my goodness, yes. Because my goodbye was so special. Mm-Hmm. Like, if you do, if you don't have that, you feel really lost. And I think, and that's why I feel, you know, mediumship is very strong at the moment. There's so many people that wanting to come through in spirit to be able to give that message to their loved one that they didn't say goodbye to. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And I think that that at the moment is, is really high up at the moment in mediumship for me at this time.

Oliver Duke (34:45):

Sure. And you know, say obviously someone that has had a loved one passed on, what sort of timeframe would you say is, I know everyone's different and everyone's grieving. Yes. Periods are different, but you know, loosely what's a be a good timeframe for people to wait, you know, soon just wait until Passover <laugh> really, you wouldn't suggest they kind of wait a few weeks or like a, you know, I think it all

Paula Mary (35:07):

Depends on the person and, and what you get up. So someone rang me, I would pick up immediately whether it was good at that particular time or not mm-hmm. <Affirmative> I, I think when a spirit goes over, you can connect to them straight away, in my view. Look what happened to my dad. He, he, he told me that he was going the night before and mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you know, I've spoken to people who have only passed over a day or so in spirit. But again, it's about the individual and what happens if someone wants shit with me and I just pick up whether it's the right time or not, because, you know, there is so much trauma and if, if someone has had a really bad accident they do need to go to sort of, you know, to, to to, to rest their soul and recover.


And at that, say someone had a terrible accident, I wouldn't have said, I would like to connect with them straight away, if that makes sense. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it feels that they would have to, you know, make sure that their spirit was okay because they, they would just go over and be how they were. And I think it, you know, you need to sort of change a little bit if you are, if you had something dramatic like that. So I think I, I'm just told by my guides what would be right for the person.

Oliver Duke (36:24):

Okay. That's

Paula Mary (36:25):

Interesting. And I've always, I have said, no, I don't it's not right. Come back in a couple of months or come back in two months, they're not ready to speak. And especially say there was some really bad ending say suicide for example. I, I think sometimes people don't want to, the spirit doesn't want to speak yet, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and I, I think as a medium, I, I pick up straight away is it right for the two of them to speak and I get between both parties, you know, when would be, what would be the right time. Mm-Hmm. And I think I, I'm, I just channel that and I get that and I'm, and I'll honest to the client to say, well this is what I pick up because, you know, at the end of the day, I'm just gonna be honest in what I get. I'm not going to just make <laugh>. Sure. You know,

Oliver Duke (37:12):

It's okay to do Exactly. Yeah. I think both parties yeah. Have to be ready, don't they? I think by the sounds. Yeah.

Paula Mary (37:17):

Yes. But they both have to be ready. So it's through trauma, you know, a real light. So if someone was murdered or something like that, I, I, I think it can take a little bit time, but you can always get a message, meaning you can always tap into their energy and be able to get a positive message down. You might not be able to get them in person to connect with you if they've gone through that trauma. But I would say, you know, for me, if someone has passed over, I feel that you can get them unless there is something that between both parties, they have to wait because a lot of people can be angry as well mm-hmm. <Affirmative> here and in spirit. And I think, you know, talking to, to someone here who is angry as also talking to a spirit that's angry isn't good mediumship, no.


You know, you want it to have a real calm feel to it. And you want the person to be ready to be able to get that information. Yeah. as well. So yes, I just channel whether it's right or wrong and, and, and go from there. And, you know, if I'm doing a, a groups sort of, or a platform mediumship, I wouldn't bring down messages if that person wasn't ready for them. The messages would only come in for the people that could handle it at that particular time. Say I was doing platform so it, so it's the same. Mm-Hmm. You know, it's, it, they only bring the messages that, that that person, both people can deal with at that particular time because the spirit is, is upset as well, you know? Mm-Hmm. And I, and I think I, last was it last week, I had one and the spirit was so upset because they couldn't say goodbye.


And they were, it was really difficult to get communication cuz they were so upset, if that makes sense. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And I think, you know, you have to take all of that on board as well because that upsetness comes through me as, you know, I will start crying. Mm-Hmm. I pick up on how that person is feeling. And so therefore then the person that I'm, I'm with, they will see how upset I am for them to be upset. Mm-Hmm. So I think you've got to really look at it if that's the right thing to do or not for that person. Do you know what I mean? Mm-Hmm. Sure. I I think we have to go, can't just go in, oh, I'll get them. I think we have to look at it differently these days and think, well, is that the right time? Is that, is that the right messages? Will they be able to cope with it on either side? Mm-Hmm. and as a facilitator, will I be able to deliver how I should, you know? So I think, yeah, I think you have to look at it broader these days, olive. Mm-Hmm.

Oliver Duke (39:54):

Yeah. Yeah. You definitely do. Now we just, we covered a little bit of, meanwhile a little bit, we covered a fair bit of mediumship in the 10 hour tarot course, didn't we? Yes. towards the end, so I think it was the modules that were sort of module, oh, I should know this, but I think module 15 or 16 onwards, we did a few mediumship modules at the end of that course. And that was really interesting to do, wasn't it? And you, you've, yes. You covered a couple of modules there and you we, you spoke about some techniques I mean, we're not gonna go deep into them because obviously we'd love people to go and check out the course, but Yes. In that course, in the 10 hour tarot course, it's not just about the tarot cards as you go, as people will find out as they go through it towards the end Yes. You are going, you'll show them some great ways to begin their mediumship journey. Yes. along with the tarot cards. So helping them Yes. To link in with the tarot cards using the mediumship. Yes. so just give us one quick technique here. You know, you could think of the, in terms of, you know, your mediumship and, and what helps you get you into the space where you need to be potentially before reading or something like that. Yeah,

Paula Mary (41:00):

No, absolutely. I think for me, I, I I think we can all change how we do it, but for me it's coming from your heart. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it's about centering into your getting your energies to be centred into your light. And I would say our light is coming from our heart. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So we centre, so we just take a breath and you just bring your energies into your heart and you are centering in connecting to your light. So what happens is you are going within you not out, you're going within and you are centering. So say you looked at a wall or there was a picture, you could just see yourself centering into that picture, centering into your light and feel the light coming from your heart and feel that light channel coming in. And then a, a good way of then doing it is to expand it.


Because when we expand our energy, we, we don't pick up on stuff so much. We, we don't, you know, pick up on other people's energies. If we've got a blank canvas and we've got our energies, our dense we often pick up on people's energies. So when you are reading in particular, it's good to have your energies out as strong as possible so you don't pick up on anything or other energies upset you during your reading. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So say for example if doing platform work and you brought your energies out, you wouldn't be picking up on anything. But if you didn't, then you might be struggling in your reading or your connection. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So we centre first, we centre into your light, we connect to your light within you, and then you just look again at a picture and you just bring that love for yourself in that light and bring it out and bring it out right into that picture as far as you want.


If it, you are in a whole room, you just bring it out on the breath and you are bringing your energies way out, that builds your connection so greatly. It builds your energies up, it pushes anything away. It centres you cuz you are connected to your, your light. You're not coming from your head when you're reading mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you are coming from your heart and you are anchored down as well into the earth. And then you just breathe and you can just feel the flow of that. So you are in a massive bubble with your light. You are connected, you look at a card and immediately you will be able to then pick up more. So for example, if there was a dog or a cat in the picture or a person, you would just maybe connect to that and think, oh, someone in spirit has, you know, there's a dog. Or you might think, oh, you know, there's a, there's a man that's passed over. So you, the more your radiant you are within yourself, the more radiant your readings will be.

Oliver Duke (43:53):

Sure. Yeah. And that's great advice. And there's some great more looks like great more, should say loads more on, in the course in terms of the techniques. And you also have done some we did some mock readings, didn't we? Some mediumship readings Yes. And stuff like that just to show people that take the course, you know, rough, you haven't had a reading before or done a reading before using mediumship and stuff like that. Just to, just to see what it kind of looks like. And you, you take them through that as well, don't you? And then Nicky Alan does some psychic medium stuff there on the course there. It's a great, it's probably my, one of my favourite parts of the course that, and I, and I love that section towards those, those three sort of four, three or four modules towards the end. Fantastic. Yes. Well thank you so much for joining us today, Paula. We're gonna wrap it up now. It's been wonderful to chat with you with all, all of this and we have the course Paula's got a link for her course. And do you wanna tell the guys that they're gonna get a discount with your special link, aren't they? Yes.

Paula Mary (44:51):

Get a discount of 20 pounds off the course if you put in Paula 20.

Oliver Duke (44:56):

Yep. That's it. So yeah, if you go to psychic.co uk slash learn tarot and then you go to checkout and at checkout, if you put in the code Paula 20, you'll get 20 pounds off the course. It's normally 97 pounds, you'll get it for 77. So we'll put some links in the show notes as well along with the code of this show and yeah, that you'll get that great discount from Paula. So thank you very much for that, Paula.

Paula Mary (45:20):

Thank you Oliver. It's lovely to chat with you

Oliver Duke (45:22):

Again and with you and it's great to have you and it's great to be back on Psychic social and we're gonna have another chat about another card in the deck very soon, aren't we?

Paula Mary (45:30):

Yes. Fantastic. I look forward to it.

Oliver Duke (45:32):

Alright, lovely to chat with you Paula. Let's talk again soon. And Alright, take care. Take care then. Bye-Bye. Bye.

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