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🔮 What do the Signs mean?. . . & (V) THE HIEROPHANT Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:036] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria, who has been a Psychic for over 20 years.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 9th June 2023**




With Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:036

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk

Victoria (00:12):

I'm forever noticing, you know, the registration plates of cars that are driving past me and seeing if I can spot a tutu two, you know and it just gives me a little bit of, of IPR in my step feeling that I'm, I'm being kind of guided and reminding me that I'm on a good path. But numerology, asides, you know, the universe is talking to you all the time.

Oliver Duke (00:41):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us on this podcast where we are gonna be talking about another card in the classic tarot deck. And if you've been following our recent podcast, we've been talking about the cards in the classic tarot deck, and moving through one by one. We've started with the major arcana, and now we're moving on to the Hierophant, which is card number five and number six in the major arcana but labelled card number five. So yeah, we've got Victoria with us today, and we're gonna talk about the Hierophant and we're also gonna talk about later on in the show about what are the common reasons why people go and have an intuitive psychic reading with a psychic intuitive. And also about you know, really interesting stuff about how the universe gives us signs, how we can look out for those signs, how they speak to us, what they are. And we're gonna talk with Victoria a a lot about that in the second half. But first of all, welcome Victoria. Thank you for joining us again on Psychic Social to talk with us again here.

Victoria (01:40):

Hi, Oliver. Good to be back. Thanks for having me.

Oliver Duke (01:43):

It's great to have you on. So should we dive straight into this Hierophant and yeah. Can you tell us a little bit, just kind of an, an overview to begin with about, about this particular card in the classic tarot deck?

Victoria (01:54):

Absolutely. So the Hierophant, he is our teacher in the tarot. He is who we seek counsel from. And to anyone listening in, you might have your cards at the ready to kind of have a look at it along with me. But if not, I'll kind of describe what we're looking at here. So there's a, a figure that we see who appears to be kind of holding sermon, you know, he's kind of got his hand raised up and it's a very kind of religious looking card, you know. And so there's this a sense of people are coming together here to listen to this guidance, you know, to receive their, their teachings from the Hierophant. And it's definitely a very powerful card. And it can come up in your reading for all kinds of reasons. So it may be reflecting on behaviours that you carry within yourself that are teacher like, or, you know, be reflecting on the ways that you guide others in the world around you.


Or it could be giving you a nudge saying, you know, it's time to kind of seek that sort of guidance in your life. Now, when, when we say teacher I mean, we, we could be talking about education, you know, things that you need to learn, but it could be a, a much more kind of soulful energy that comes through with the Hierophant as well. So it could be that we need that kind of spiritual leadership. We might be, you know, this energy could be applied to people who have faith, you know, maybe visits a church or, or whatever they do. But it's a, a deeply kind of personal card. And to me, the Hierophant also speaks a lot about tradition. Our values, traditional values, you know, it's quite a, a matrimonial card, and so it kind of speaks of conformity of the status quo of adherence and obedience.


You know, it's all about kind of towing the line, doing what is expected of you, not deviating from the plan. We're kind of keeping on the straight and narrow <laugh> mm-hmm. <Affirmative> when this card comes through for us. But there's a definitely a kind of a, a wise energy that we see coming through here as well. We've got the, the kind of crossed keys at his feet there. And that to me is suggestive of you know, universal knowledge you know, unlocking the, the doors to everything that we need to know. And you can see he's wearing red and he's got his fantastic, very fancy head, head piece on. And it, it's a very powerful symbol that we're looking at here. Aside from that, really it's about expectation. You know, if this card comes through to, for you say you're, you're pulling your daily card for yourself and the how Toan appears and you're struggling to think, you know, how is, how is this relating?


How is this resonating for me? Just now? Think about where in your life you need to maybe accept a little bit more guidance or seek it out. You know, are we maybe floundering unnecessarily because the help is available to us? Is it involving other people in our life? You know, if we were looking at relationship reading, for example, and the Hierophant came up you might be called to reflect on whether external forces could be helpful, you know, and getting you through various tribulations in your relationship. What else to say about the Hierophant? He's

Oliver Duke (05:33):

Would you say that he's like, he's, he's, he's like telling everyone his expertise and like, you know, those, those two chaps at the front are kind of like looking up to him and, and almost soaking up all the knowledge that he has. Would you say that that was kind of also absolutely

Victoria (05:45):

Depicted in this card? Absolutely. This is, this is somebody that we would put our faith into completely. You know, this is absolute trust. So it's not, when I'm talking about compliance and it's not in the kind of strictest sense, you know, it's not a kind of, we're, we're not going to the hierophant to be told off about something. It's just to be kept on the straight and narrow. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (06:09):

It's like consulting the wise elder kind of thing, or consulting the wise man of the village, or back in the day, you know?

Victoria (06:15):

Absolutely. That's exactly, yeah, that's exactly what he's about. But moreover, I would, I would put tradition would be a, a really good tagline, if you like, for the Hierophant, you know traditional values. So that's what you're being asked to, to think about when this comes up for you. So for example, you know, if I were applying this card to my life at the moment, I might think, okay, so where does tradition come into play? And that kind of stirs me to think about, you know, my own marriage. And for example I, I've been terribly busy these past few weeks, you know, and you know, so I'm sitting here looking at this card and I'm thinking, gosh, when was the last time? You know, I really checked in with, with my other half, you know, when did I actually give him, you know, proper time and attention? Maybe I, I need to do that, you know, so this card is speaking to me today. I'm sitting here looking at it and thinking, yeah, I need to give more of my attention to my traditional, you know, my, my matrimonial things. So yeah, it's a, it's quite a broad ranging card, but absolutely it is wise and full of faith and definitely energy that we would turn to when we need very good guidance.

Oliver Duke (07:28):

Right. I see. And you know, also the, the colours in the card. Can you, can you give us an, an idea or give the people listening as well, an idea of the significance of the colours that have been used in this card?

Victoria (07:39):

Yeah, absolutely. So we can see here is draped from head to toe in red, and that is the, the colour of power. You know, you'll see that also in the emperor, which we covered a couple of episodes ago. It's it is the card of the colour of power. You'll see that associated with the, the fire signs as well, that element of fire coming in here as well. So it talks about boldness and strength. So yeah, a anytime you see red in any of the tarot cards, it's really symbolising power. Yeah.

Oliver Duke (08:14):

Right. So this guy is a real sort of spiritual guru, isn't he? And like you say, obviously depending on cards around as well, but he is, when this card gets drawn you say the queer end, or if you're drawing the card for yourself, you know, you're looking to be either the teacher or the educator yourself or looking out for someone that might be teaching you or, or leaning on someone for that advice, that wise advice.

Victoria (08:40):

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if this card comes out and you consider yourself to be someone who is friends would turn to you, you know, for, for guidance and counsel, then it could just be that someone around you really needs your, your attention at the moment. You know, you might be asked to reflect on how you can help them further. So, yeah, and, and like you say, it depends on what's sitting around it. You know, when you move into more complex spreads and readings, the Hierophant is so variable, you know, depending on what is kind of sitting around him you know, you're gonna get a much clearer understanding of why this card is appearing for you. But if it's just a single card pool, then yeah, I would say that's, that's really generally the, the spectrum of energy is compliance, tradition, learning, guidance counsel. Yeah, sure.

Oliver Duke (09:37):

And, and Pete, thank you for that, Victoria. Well and people can also find out a lot more about this particular card in our great course 10 now tarot, can't they? Where it's the card has been broken down in even more depth there by yourself in the reverse position and Nikki Allen in the upright and also on with our QR tower cards, which you guys will, will know about by now, I think. But we'll tell you more about that later. But thank you very much for giving everyone a great description of the Hierophant there, Victoria. It's fantastic to hear all, like, you know, people get a better understanding of this, not only what is depicted, but what the colours can mean and the significance and, you know, giving people a better idea of how they can perceive and understand that card and just sort of let that soak in, like you say, you know, whether they've done a one card pull or whether they've put it in a three card or a Celtic cross, however, you know, advanced, you are in your terror reading right now to get that better understanding of what that means.


Well, we are gonna talk with you, Victoria, aren't we? After, we're gonna take a little break now, but after the break, we're gonna talk a little bit about having a psychic intuitive reading. And we're gonna tell people kind of like why the most, the main reasons, really why people would come and see you as a psychic intuitive or any psychic intuitive to have a psychic intuitive, I should say, to have a reading. And yeah, we're also gonna talk about yeah, like we said before about universal signs and how they speak to us. So we'll speak to you after this break, Victoria. Looking forward to that.

Imaging Voice (11:09):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (11:20):

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Imaging Voice (13:39):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (13:48):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. And today we've been talking with Victoria Psychic Intuitive about the Hierophant in the major arcana of the classic tarot deck. And now as promised, we're gonna be asking Victoria about psychic intuitive readings. And we would like you to tell us, if you can, Victoria, just some of the common reasons why people would seek out a psychic intuitive for a psychic reading.

Victoria (14:12):

Yeah, of course. So, well, there's lots of reasons and it's it's not limited. But there's definitely some common themes that tend to pop up for me as a reader anyway. And I suppose all intuitives would have different kind of stories to tell, you know, because they're gonna have different types of people being drawn to them for, for their problems to be solved, you know? But for me personally, I find are really common. Query is just what on earth am I doing <laugh>, you know, where, where am I going? I, I feel like I'm spinning around. I don't know what needs to change my life. And that's really one of the, the most pleasing reasons that someone can come for reading. Cause I know we're gonna get into the nitty gritty really, you know, uprooting lots of sticky stuff and get into the, the root of the problem.


And I find that really enjoyable, you know, personally as a reader. And it's great to see people really kind of having their eyes opened and having their attention drawn to something that might have been right in front of them all along, but they just needed that, that assurance or that affirmation, you know? But yeah, it can get really quite interesting when we're, when we're kind of trying to seek an invisible source of a, of a problem that's unknown, you know? That aside, of course, relationships is gonna be a, a really big one. Lots of people come to find me when perhaps they've invested a lot of their time and a lot of their energy and a lot of themselves into a relationship, and things have changed. And, you know, they're at this kind of crossroads of wondering whether it's, you know, worth moving forward and trying to make things better or to cut and run, you know?


And actually that's, that's quite a big thing for me because, you know, it, you have to be very careful that you're not playing with people's lives. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And of course, I, I try to be very, very clear when people are coming and to have their reading with me that I'm not there to give them the, you know, definite answers. There's no hard and fast rules with this stuff. It's really all just about their energy and how they are responding and how they're contributing to their circumstances. The cards aren't gonna say, okay, yeah, leave your partner after 20 years of marriage. Mm-Hmm. You know, that's, that's really not what we turn to the cards for. And, you know, when people are feeling a little bit fraught and really unsettled by their personal situation, that can be a bit disappointing. You know, that realisation that that's not, not what the cards are designed to do.


It's really just to get you rummaging around in your own subconscious, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So yeah, fe feeling stuck in life relationships. Absolutely. of course, money is a big one. You know, everyone wants to know that they're gonna be comfortable or that they might have a little bit of luck coming their way. But I'll be perfectly honest, I think because of my, my reading style, because I like to be quite light and I really enjoy entertaining, you know, I'll, I'll often read for little groups and things because it's really good fun. So quite often people want to have a reading with me just to test what I know <laugh>, you know? Right. They just wanna kind of see how much I can pick up from their energy or how much I can tell them just out of curiosity, you know, because it's fun and it's interesting.


So that's really common for me as well. Well else careers and, and living situations, I would say. The only type of, of readings that can make me feel a little bit I don't know, I feel like I have to be very careful is when people want to talk to me about their health, you know? It's that can be a really challenging topic to kind of talk about when it comes to tarot readings, you know? So I tend to, I, I wouldn't go out of my way to be delivering messages about health related things. But when it comes to love, life and romance, I'm your gal, right? I, I hold myself responsible. <Laugh>

Oliver Duke (18:47):

<Laugh>, right? Yeah. They've got people knocking back on your door, it's all your fault, like, partners arriving. No, I'm joking, obviously. But yeah, it's, it's interesting to hear about those two. I think those two, you know, the two at the, at the beginning that you highlighted about feeling, people feeling lost in life and even more so than ever, I think now people are, especially younger, people being lost in the direction, dunno where they're going and what they want to do, and, you know with their lives and yeah, like you say, the relationship relationships as well. They're very, very pertinent things, aren't they? Especially right now. Could you tell, tell us, you know, what sort of card spreads do you use generally, say when you're doing a reading for just an individual? Do you use like the Celtic Cross or do you use your own type of spread or both? Or what, what do you use normally, typically?

Victoria (19:34):

Well, it's interesting. Typically I would do seven cards. It's just a, a personal style that I've developed mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and it's just tried and true. And I, I really enjoy those seven cards. They give me a lot of information. And we can talk a little bit about the past, more so about the present and what's coming up around the coroner. And that seems to suit a lot of my credence. However, when I meet people for the first time quite often people like the kind of very traditional style, you know, they want to select their own cards and all of that. So we, I'll, I'll usually do a Celtic Cross when I'm meeting someone for the first time. That's a particularly good one if they have a very specific topic they want to explore mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, you know, so if someone comes and, and meets me and says oh, you know, I don't really know why I'm here.


I just wanted to a general reading, let's just see what's coming up. I would probably do my seven cards. But if they were coming in saying, right, okay, marriage, you know, I'm really in a bind. I don't know what to do about my, my relationship, or I don't know what to do, my career, you know, something really distinct. Then the Celtic Cross is really, really useful for that because you're exploring, the issue is already available to you from the beginning. Mm-Hmm. So every card within that Celtic Cross, there's, there's 10 cards in that particular spread. And we, we've also covered that in the course as well. Yeah. it was me, it's me that did that bit <laugh>,

Oliver Duke (21:12):

You did the kilted cross. You did, you explained it very, very well. So yeah, if anyone has taken the course already and has, has done that module, they'll know. And if you haven't taken it well yeah, go and check it out.

Victoria (21:22):

<Laugh>, it was really fun recording that bit. So yeah, the, the Celtic Cross is wonderful because you're exploring the root from the beginning, from every possible angle. You know, you're looking at how external factors are affecting this, how your subconscious mind is coming into play, what you're physically doing to affect it all. You know, what, what you were thinking about it last week, what you're gonna think about it next week. You know, it's, it's really comprehensive. So that, that is a fantastic spread to go for. However, for folks that I meet regularly, or I've, I've read for them a number of times before, I just do nice, short and sharp, turn the cards, let's see what they're saying. You know, and I go into kind of quickfire reading mode because that way you just get into the really juicy stuff, you know, you can cover a lot. And yeah, I quite, quite enjoy that style of reading as well.

Oliver Duke (22:18):

And that's when the intuition fires in, doesn't it, when you, when you're doing it quickly. Because anyone that has any sort of psychic ability, and I've had to say I've developed a little bit over the last year or two, and it's the stuff that comes in immediately, isn't it, that you don't question that is the stuff that, for me anyway, that I tend to get predict or get right. You know

Victoria (22:35):

Or sure. It is the stuff, the messages come to you when you have not had a moment to second guess it to argue with it, to manipulate it. Yeah. To make it different to doubt yourself. There's no time. The intuition is just, boom, it's there. And so yeah, of course it takes years of practise or you might find that you, you turn to tarot and you're a real natural, you know? Yeah. And it just flows through you. Everybody's different. But regardless, you know, it's, it's a never ending practise. You know, you can be learning tarot until until the end of days. But yeah, for sure when you don't question it, that is when the really good stuff comes up. So I love fast readings, love reading at, at parties when it's a bit of a, you know, a conveyor belt, <laugh> a conveyor belt of people just looking for a quick little nugget of insight that is really, really good fun. Cuz we, we always get some show stopping <laugh>. Yeah,

Oliver Duke (23:37):


Victoria (23:38):

Detail that comes through

Oliver Duke (23:39):

It is, it's, it's those, it's those yeah. Air quote kind of messages from the universe that come through through the cards, isn't it? And come through psychics, you know, how they get getting the messages through. And that's actually gonna be a nice little segue to what we're gonna talk about next actually, is we wanted to know more about kind of people, you know, the universe signs from the universe. People listening might very well know a lot about, you know the signs that come through potentially to them, whether it be numerology, you know, repeating numbers 11, 11 eight, eight, whatever that is. Or like, whether it be birds, robins, feathers, you know, all that kind of stuff. Could you talk to the people listening and us a little bit about more about those universal signs, maybe a bit more how to interpret them, what they might mean yeah. On an individual basis.

Victoria (24:29):

Yeah, absolutely. So signs I think, appear to us more and more the more that we pay attention to them, the kind of faster they come towards us, and they can come to us in any way. You know, numerology of course, is a really popular one, so we're all familiar with 1111 as you've already mentioned. I'm forever noticing, you know, the registration plates of cars that are driving past me and seeing if I can spot a 2 22, you know and it just gives me a little bit of, of a spr in my step feeling that I'm, I'm being kind of guided and reminding me that I'm on a good path. But numerology aside, you know, the universe is talking to you all the time. You just need to kind of tune in and pay attention, you know, so all, all kinds of synchronicities those can come to you Oh, in countless ways.


You know, I think I've already told you this story Oliver before about my friend and I, and we both cracked the, the double egg deal. Oh, yes. Yeah. Within minutes of each other, you know, and we'd, we'd just been, we'd been talking all mornings, it was kind of like our energy had connected, and that was a really lovely one. You know, you'll find that as well, people that you are close with, people that you share energy with or that you're, you know, properly corded with. Mm-Hmm. you'll share synchronicities quite often, which is really lovely as well.

Oliver Duke (25:51):

That's very rare, isn't it? The double egg. I, I eat a lot of eggs every day, and I've only had a double yolk once in about two years. So Yeah. That's pretty rare,

Victoria (25:59):

Isn't it? It's a rare one. We were, we were stunned. Yeah. I love that one. But it just kind of, it made us both just feel so happy, you know, thinking Yeah. With the universe, it's got, has got an eye on us, you know. Yeah. animals of course is another huge one. So anything that you see that's unusual about an animal, you know, to me that's meaningful. So the other day, a a all the cutest little baby red squirrel ran out in front of my car, thankfully, way ahead. So I had plenty of time to stop. And he just sat there in the middle of the road and he wasn't injured, I could tell, you know, by the way, he was kind of moving around. He just sat there. So I kind of slowly edged the car forward a little bit and eventually scurried away and, and ran up the glen.


And I just thought that was, that was weird. You know, you hardly ever see a red squirrel. And for it to have just kind of sat there like it was entirely unbothered by my presence was, was strange, you know, and I've, I'm just, I'm recalling this story now and realising that I never looked up the meaning of squirrels, <laugh>. I still have to do that, so I'm gonna do that. But yeah, that kind of leads me on to what I was waffling about was this anything like that. Look, look into the meaning of it. You know, there's so much information available online about angel numbers and about spirit of animals and all this kind of things

Oliver Duke (27:19):

And robins and things like that. People attribute a lot to Robins as well, don't they?

Victoria (27:23):

Absolutely. I do have a little story about Robins. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> Robins seem to be a really popular spirit animal. You know, a lot of people feel really connected or, or feel that they're connecting with their loved ones that are passed over when Robins come to visit them. But for me, Robins have always served as a warning. You know, whenever I see Robins behaving in a, a strange way around me, I always take it as that's like my equivalent of 5 55. Okay. It's like troubles coming. Some, you know, there's something that you need to kind of pay attention or, or stay out of trouble, you know? But I think that's, that's very specific to me. And that's the thing, much like your tarot practise, you will apply your own meaning to things, you know, so lot, A lot of people are superstitious or they'll, you know, they'll have a, an affinity with mag pies or something like that.


But these synchronicities and these signs, it's not necessarily about, you know, luck and fables and, and things like that. It's a lot more, a lot more soulful. Mm. you'll find that things just happen at the right moment as well. You know, when your, when your vibrations are really, really high you'll find that the universe talks to you a lot more and the conversation flows. And now I kind of feel like every, everything I do as I go about my day has some kind of meaning that could be applied to it, you know, because I've just been picking up on these signs.

Oliver Duke (28:55):

So it's like when it gets out of your mind, isn't it? If you get out of your mind and open up the space for your higher self to come through. Yep. That's when that kind of happens, isn't it?

Victoria (29:03):

Absolutely. And it's funny, you know, I'm, I'm sitting here thinking, oh, what good stories have I got for Oliver mm-hmm. About signs, you know? And it's, the truth is they're all so small, they're so subtle that to, to talk about them to, to others just sounds absolutely absurd. You know, I, I couldn't really explain <laugh> to you,

Oliver Duke (29:24):

And when you do explain them to someone like your husband or your wife or your friends, wherever, they just go, what? But it has so much significance to you and you, the attributed meaning you give it fits so well with your, what's going on at that at the time, you know? And it's, yeah. It's hard to describe some, it's a bit like when you're trying to tell someone about your last night and they just couldn't care less, you know? Okay. I don't care what happened in your dream, don't care. You know, it's a bit like that. So sometimes, you know, I find, but yeah.

Victoria (29:49):

Well, I find it's, it's that they run on from one another, so something really, really tiny and seemingly insignificant will happen. But I have clocked it and paid attention and then five minutes later, something else equally small will happen, and then you'll get a little spa like that. Yeah. And you know, when you add it all together Yeah. You couldn't tell anyone about that without sounding like a manic. But when you put it all together, it's huge, you know? Yeah. and one of the most satisfying things has got to be when you ask for a sign, you know,

Oliver Duke (30:21):

You pass, oh, I've done that. The other, the other week, I dunno whether I told you about the Robin one I did the other week. Was it you I told you about?

Victoria (30:26):

Oh, no, tell

Oliver Duke (30:27):

Me about that. It was in my garden. I was like, there, there's Robin that sometimes comes in our garden sits in our plum tree, and it flew over the wall and sat in the plum tree and looked me, looked at me when I was in the garden, just getting a bit of fresh air, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then it flew away. And then I sort of said, you know, if all these signs, these robin signs are real, show me now, Robin, fly over the wall and land back in, in the and as I was saying, fly over the wall and land back in the tree halfway through my sentence, it flew back over the wall and landed back in the tree and then started looking at me again. Yeah. so I thought that was quite interesting. But then I tell my wife and she goes, oh, whatever. You're crazy <laugh>.

Victoria (31:01):


Oliver Duke (31:01):


Victoria (31:02):

It's, I know, I, I think I feel you, I completely understand how meaningful that would've been to you, you know, cuz I feel it all the time as well. Mm-Hmm. and it's brilliant, you know, sometimes I get on a really good run and I feel like I'm literally having a real time conversation.

Oliver Duke (31:19):

<Laugh> Yeah. And the ringing in your ears thing when you go right. Do the ringing in your ears again. Do it again, and it does it again. You know, that is really like, you know, no, can't really explain that to anyone, can you?

Victoria (31:27):

No, I know. And, and it's so exciting. Yeah. And that's, that's another good point actually. The ear ringing. I didn't mention that. Yes. Forever wondering if I have tinnitus because do you say tinnitus? Or tinnitus?

Oliver Duke (31:40):

Oh, I don't know. I can't tinnitus, I dunno how,

Victoria (31:43):

I dunno if I'm saying that right. Let's go with tinnitus. But people

Oliver Duke (31:45):

Should go and check out, get checked out, by the way, by the doctor if they're getting it continuously. But yeah, it can mean a signs can't it, as you're about to explain.

Victoria (31:52):

Absolutely. Yeah. The earring for me it's incredibly intense, you know, the, the pitch of it. Mm-Hmm. It's very, very high. But people who know a little bit more about this stuff than I do, but explain it better. But apparently the different pitches mean different things. You know, a lower tone can be a, a bit of a, a warning, you know, asking you just to be alert or maybe to, you know, refrain from doing something or keep clear. And then the higher the pitch, it's more of a, an approving kind of sound, if that makes sense. You know, you're being encouraged or guided or congratulated or whatever. So you have to pay attention to the, the frequency and the pitch of the ringing. I know I definitely don't tinnitus or tinnitus. No,

Oliver Duke (32:40):

Neither do I. Yeah.

Victoria (32:42):

<Laugh>, I have had that checked.

Oliver Duke (32:44):

Well, I think in the medical world they, they're kind of not really sure how it comes about. They've got some kind of like ideas about whether it clenching at, at night, you know, your teeth and things like that. But generally, I think, I may be wrong here, but the consensus is that they're not really entirely sure how tinnitus comes about.

Victoria (33:01):

Yes, I believe so. We, we've moved on to a whole

Oliver Duke (33:03):

New <laugh>. We've gone into medical, haven't we? Well, while

Victoria (33:06):

We're still on tinnitus, I think hormones have a little bit to do with it as well. Yeah. Cause I know I, I certainly used to have this awful sound every night in bed. Mm-Hmm. And since things have changed for me health wise, that no longer happens. So I do think hormones must, that's very much anecdotal. Yes.

Oliver Duke (33:24):

<Laugh>. But the high, the high pitch thing though as well though, I never really experienced the high, high pitch sounds in my ears until I started working with you guys last year filming you and Nikki and Paula. And then after that I just started getting the really, like you explained, the really, really high pitch noises, mainly in my right ear. And I've never had that before in my life. Yeah. So that started coming as well as the lower pitch and the mid-range kind of stuff. Like, so there's different,

Victoria (33:50):

You know, yeah. So I don't know, I don't wanna get this wrong, but I think that right ear is spirit messages. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and left ear is like higher self, you know, like your, your kinda team that are guiding you and then the right side is like loved ones that are wanting to connect with you or Right. Okay. Ancestors, you know. That's

Oliver Duke (34:11):


Victoria (34:12):

Interesting. It's very interesting. Lots of information available online about that stuff though.

Oliver Duke (34:16):

Exactly. Yes, there is. So go and look it up guys. And just before we come to an end here with this podcast, which has been fascinating, I have to say can we just tell a little bit on feathers? Could you tell us a bit about feathers and what they might mean and also like, you know, the different colours of feathers, like a white feather, a grey feather, a black feather what might that signify? Sure.

Victoria (34:37):

Well the common consensus with feathers is that this is a message from your angels. Now I don't work with angels at all, but I've definitely been blessed with <laugh> randomly placed feathers on multiple occasions throughout my life. And so I always take it as a kind of a comforting sign. But yeah, they say if you find a, a feather in a place where it ought not to be, so for example, not right next to your living room cushion, <laugh> mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. But if you find it in a strange place, you know, just on a path somewhere or anywhere random that is a, a little sign from your angels. Now the a white feather I know is symbolic of, of purity, the pure soul. It's got that kind of virginal essence, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So it kind of would be associated with your Yeah. Your purity, your, your soul, your egoless soul. And when it comes to the darkened feathers, I don't know, what do you know about black feathers and grey feathers? I'm not too

Oliver Duke (35:43):

Sure. I don't dunno really. Well, I saw a, the only reason I say I saw a grey feather mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, it went and it was kind of an unusual place like you described. After my mum passed away, I came home to the house and went to the back door, looked out the back door window, was about to unlock the back door. And there was a sort of almost perfect sort of medium-sized grey feather just stuck to the fence, to the, to, to the, to the fence, like in a cobweb. And it just, it was presented, it was like, it was almost laid there and presented to me. Yeah. Pillow. Yeah, just like, and, and I'd never ever seen a feather there since. We get feathers in our garden all the time, but yeah, it was just the way it was sort of there, I just thought, oh, I wonder if that might be message from mum after she'd just left us, you know? But I'm not sure about the colours. Yeah. I found black feathers, all kinds of different colours. But yeah, just, yeah. Wonder if there was any, any any meaning to those colours?

Victoria (36:33):

Yeah, I'm not sure. I just, I, I, I'm good with my whites and my reds, but you've caught me off guard with grey.

Oliver Duke (36:39):

I'm not too. Okay, well we're gonna have to go and do some research, aren't we? <Laugh>? Tap, tap, tap. Yeah, when we get off here, <laugh>. Alright, well thanks very much Victoria. And that's all Fanta fantastic stuff that you've told us all about that. And, and I'm sure people have loved hearing about all those signs because I'm sure a lot of people listening as well would tend to probably look out for those things as well. So it's great to hear about that. We're gonna wrap up the show in a bit now, but before we let you go, just want to let everyone know again, about 10 Hour Tarot, our wonderful tarot course video on Demand tarot course which is psychic.co uk at the moment. And you can find that on our website. We'll put the link in the show notes, so it's psychic.co.uk and it's slash learn tarot. And there's 17 modules there of video on demand content. And Victoria has got a lovely code for us for you to get 20 pounds off the main, the main price, which is 97 pounds normally, and her code will give you 20 pounds off. So Victoria, your code is Vic 20, isn't it? V i c 20?

Victoria (37:38):

That's the one.

Oliver Duke (37:39):

That's it. So all we need to do is go to check out click by now and go to check out and you'll get 20 pounds off the course. And you can also pay in three with Klarna as well. So I think it'll be about 25 pounds, 60 or something like that, times three. And that's what you can do there. So thank you again, Victoria, for joining us and looking forward to catching up with you for the next card in the next podcast.

Victoria (38:02):

Thanks Oliver. Talk soon.

Oliver Duke (38:03):

Chat with you soon. Bye.

Imaging Voice (38:06):

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