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🔮 Will Reiki help me heal?. . . & (VII) THE CHARIOT Tarot card discussed [with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:038] 🔮

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Interview with Psychic Intuitive, Victoria, who has been a Psychic for over 20 years.

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**This Podcast was recorded on 15th June 2023**




With Psychic Intuitive, Victoria PSPE:038

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Imaging Voice (00:02):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk

Victoria (00:12):

You know, she just kind of sat like this sad angel. You know, I could just feel this really peaceful energy that was coming off of her, but she barely said a word. And then she put her hands on me. She works on me. And I sobbed, really sobbed all the way through it. And then I never saw it again.

Oliver Duke (00:41):

Welcome to Psychic Social. Thank you for joining us again on our podcast today. Now we are gonna be talking again about another tarot card in the classic tarot deck, and we're gonna be talking today about the chariot with Victoria. And if you haven't got a classic tarot deck, don't worry. You can grab an image off your computer screen, off your phone of this particular card. If you have got a classic tarot deck, grab that card now, if you can. And if you've got the QR tarot deck that we have created, then even better. But wherever you can get it, grab that card now, the chariot, it's card number seven in the major arcana, and we're gonna be talking with this particular card today with Victoria. And we are also gonna be talking later on in the show about Reiki, which I'm sure a lot of you will know about. But Victoria is very highly experienced in Reiki, and she's gonna give us a fantastic overview on Reiki later on in the show. So, welcome, Victoria. Thank you for joining us today.

Victoria (01:41):

Hi, thanks for having me on again.

Oliver Duke (01:43):

Great stuff. Thank you for coming to talk to us today about another classic tarot card and about Reiki. So can we dive into this chariot card? And can you let everyone know give us a kind of overview of this card, please, in the classic tarot deck?

Victoria (01:57):

Absolutely. All right. So first thing that jumps out at me when I'm looking at the chariot is the element of forces. Okay? We're talking all about our force, our drive, and kind of the, the nature at which we approach things. Okay? So with the chariot, when we're looking at it up, we're only gonna talk about it upright today, but it's, it's asking us to consider reflect on how much force we're putting into our situation. How driven are we, how focused it could be coming up in our spread to tell us it's time to really stay on track. Okay? It's time to excel ourselves. It's time to pick our kind of number one driving force and, and hold on tight and ride with that energy, okay? Cause it's gonna kind of propel you forwards, but we also might be considering where we need to hold back on things, okay?


It's, it's really a card of measure balance and taking, taking an appropriate approach to things in many ways. Okay. So could this card be coming up for you to say, all right, well, I know you're really enthusiastic and you've got loads of energy for this and you know, you, you, you've got a plan and a battle tactic. But hang on a minute. Are you maybe kind of a bit gung-ho here? Do we need to relax, take the foot off the gas a little bit, let some other things line up for us? First of all, it's all about kind of analysing and assessing, you know, being really careful and measured but knowing when the time is right, just to kind of put the foot down on the gas and really, really drive it home. Okay? So, of course, depending on the context of your reading, that's gonna mean really variable things.


So let's look at career first and foremost. You know, if someone came to me for a reading and they're asking, you know, am I, am I prepared for this job interview? You know, I'm going out on a limb. I want to, you know, be be bold and really pursue something that once felt out of reach. You know, everybody has that feeling, don't they? When they're striving for something more, when they want to climb a ladder or progress in some way. Yeah, everyone can have that a little bit of imposter syndrome or feeling that they're not quite good enough, you know? So the chariot, when it shows up in that kind of context, it's really saying, well, okay, you might believe that you're ready but let's look at this through a fresh lens and consider, you know, what are you missing?


What needs to be fortified so that you can really drive forward with those main skills, you know, where might you be caught short? Where do you need to ensure that you, you know, you're really strong in this position? You know, for me, the chariot, it shows up to kind of tell me off about when my focus isn't quite in the right place often for me, but I am a really <laugh>, unfocused individual, so that's not unusual for my cards to tell me off in that regard. But the chariot will come through for me to say, right? Okay. That's, that's brilliant. You know, we're, we're rooting for you. Good ideas. You know, I'm always very bold and brave with my approach to things. So often the chariot is telling me, well, hang on. Where, where have you, what are you missing <laugh>? What, what might you, how might you end up looking a bit of a fool if you haven't kind of really you know, strengthened a particular skill or a particular aspect of myself in order to execute this with perfection, you know, it's about execution. Okay. So force execution, fortification striking at the right moment,

Oliver Duke (06:09):

Know, and willpower as well. Would you say willpower be involved in all of that? Having the will

Victoria (06:14):

Absolutely. Willpower, yes. How we, everyone can think of a situation in life where they have lacked willpower. Yeah. <laugh>. Yep. Everyone has that, that little something that they just can't find the will. And so the chariot can come up to kind yeah. Encourage you to yeah. Really hold onto that will, you know, it will see you through in the end, things will be different. Okay. so yeah, very much a card of willpower, but do think of that other, that other aspects, you know, if this card comes up for you and you can't think where your will comes into play think about your execution. Have you got the right balance? Have you got the right skills? Are you emphasising the right parts of yourself? And making sure that the bits that you would rather hide away are also kind of in good shape, you know, are also gonna yeah. Drive you forward, advance you. Sure.

Oliver Duke (07:19):

Yeah. Now I was gonna say, I understand there's, there, there's potentially a sort of a spiritual connection with this card. So it's very, it can also be interpreted as being very spiritually led. So there's maybe an enlightenment aspect to the person if this card gets drawn. Would you say that would ring true?

Victoria (07:37):

Absolutely. You've got quite a, a, a few bits of symbolism in there that would depict that you've got the, the wings there, you know, which kind of speaks of freedom and the, the sky is the limit and maybe being really quite protected. You've also got stars and moons depicted within the imagery as well. Hmm. so that again, talks about that other worldly kind of protection coming into play. Maybe in yeah, invisible protective driving forces that are willing you forward. And you can see at his shoulders there's the, we've got two moons kind of hidden. That's, that's the thing with the tarot, if you noticed with a lot of the artwork, you really have to kind of

Oliver Duke (08:20):

The crescent moons. Yeah,

Victoria (08:21):

Yeah, yeah. And, you know, they just kind of blend in, don't they like part of his outfit? So you have to really kind of yeah, closely to see that. But again, that's that nod to the subconscious mind to the things that we know within perhaps that can, that are intangible. Mm. So, yeah, there's definitely a very spiritual element here. So yeah, it's about when to, when to move forward, when to make your move, whether it's, you know, go now you've got everything in your favour, you're protected and supported, or whether it's okay, you know, asking you just to have a change of pace to hold back and wait for that perfect moment to move forward. And yeah, that willpower definitely kind of <laugh> encompass the energy

Oliver Duke (09:07):

Of this card. Sure. Exactly. And the, now these two, they sort of sphinx is down the bottom of the front, the, the, the black and the white sphinx. Is there, would you say that's representing kind of duality? You know,

Victoria (09:18):

You might look at it as duality, so opposing forces kind of synchronising mm-hmm. <Affirmative> harmoniously, or you might see it as polarity, you know, so e extremes and things coming into play. So you're gonna apply that, the meaning of that to you personally or to whoever you're reading for. But yeah, it can be about, it can be representing the masculine and feminine, for example kind of synchronising and having a perfect kind of blend, you know, a perfect kind of merging of energies mm-hmm. <Affirmative> which is really favourable. But then you can also be looking at polarity opposing forces that can be driving you away from the things that, that you need. So yeah, a, a very, a really, really variable card, and you'll find that with all of the, the major arcana, you know, the energy that they hold, it's so big. It really is impossible to apply any one specific meaning to any of the, the major arcana cards. So it's a good job we're talking about that.

Oliver Duke (10:23):

It is, yeah. And there's so many in, yeah, there's so many interpretations and stuff, like you say, isn't there? But then there is a base sort of level of meaning, isn't there? But then there's so many different other aspects, you know, dependent on the, the, like we mentioned, the little crescent moons and the little, the, the colours and the, and the, and the positioning of stars and things like that. There's so many different things to take into account. And obviously, like we've spoken many times before about cards surrounding, if you're not doing one card reading, if you're doing, you know, a three or a Celtic Cross or a star spread that's got cards around cards around it, it's what is that in relation to those cards? But I mean, just you and I talking now about the Sphinx is, you know, I, I immediately think of the spiritual connectivity of that card. And to me, those two phis is, say, duality. It, it's a reminder of you've got your physical state and your spiritual state, and they're being brought together in this particular cards to become one. Although there is duality there, you know, visually, to me, that's what that might say to me. Do you know what I mean? But that might mean something else to somebody else, you know?

Victoria (11:23):

Absolutely. And yeah, it does very much come down to what surrounds it, you know, if, if you're in the habit of drawing a single card for yourself, that's a great practise. And we've talked about that a lot. But the chariot, personally, even as a, as someone who has read cards for a very long time, if I pulled the chariot for myself you bet. I'm gonna go in for a second card just to kind of understand what, you know, what, what, what we're talking about here, aspects of life, what is this attached to, you know, other, you might turn that card and know immediately <laugh>, but for me, it's always been one of those cards that on its own, to give it kind of personal application is quite challenging, you know? Mm-Hmm. So it's quite nice to have a second card sitting with the chariot that just kind of helps you to understand, you know, what really are we focusing on here? Because it's, it just carries such a broad spectrum Sure. And its

Oliver Duke (12:22):

Own Yeah. And you call that card a clarifier, wouldn't you? Was is that universally known as a clarifier, or was

Victoria (12:27):

Yeah. That, well, that's certainly the, the what I call it. And I, I think, I think a lot of readers would refer to it as that. Yeah. but yes, cooling a clarifier is <laugh> Yeah. What I would refer to. Right. I do that every now and again when I'm reading for people that come to, to see me every now and again, especially, I try not to go to clarifying cards because they can muddy the waters occasionally. Mm. But definitely the chariot is one that I'm usually always spurred to, to pull a second card and see you really what's going on.

Oliver Duke (13:03):

Yeah. It's a bit like maybe death might not need to clarify. If you pull death in the upright, you might not need a clarifier for that because it means the end of something and, and the start something new. So you might not need the clarifier for that.

Victoria (13:14):

Absolutely. Yeah. That's it. The cha it's got, it's one of those energies that, because it's asking you to reflect so internally mm-hmm. Sometimes when people come for a reading, that's precisely what they're struggling to do. You know, <laugh>. Yeah. That's why they've gone for a reading, because they're struggling to tap into, you know, what, what is really going on inside versus what they should be doing on the outside. And so the chariot, because it's one of those deeply reflective cards on its own, it can be a little bit unhelpful, you know? Unless you turn it and you know exactly what it's telling you, <laugh>, then the message is loud and clear.

Oliver Duke (13:51):

Yeah, exactly. Well, thank you for that, Victoria. Great information about the chariot there today in the classic tarot deck. We are gonna take a little break now, and when we come back, we're gonna be talking with Victoria in depth, I would say about Reiki. So we're gonna come back to that after this.

Imaging Voice (14:09):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co uk.

Oliver Duke (14:19):

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Imaging Voice (16:38):

This is Psychic Social, brought to you by psychic.co.uk.

Oliver Duke (16:48):

Welcome back to Psychic Social. We've been talking today with Victoria so far in the show about the classic tarot deck and the card in the major arcana, the chariot. Fascinating information about that from Victoria. We are now gonna move on and talk with Victoria about Reiki. Now, Victoria, can you give us a bit of an overview and then maybe talk with us a bit more in depth about Reiki? And if anyone doesn't know about it I'm sure they're gonna know about it by the end of this show, so Victoria. Yeah. Please tell us.

Victoria (17:18):

Absolutely. So, Reiki, for anyone that's never heard of the practise Reiki involves a laying of hands, whether it's on yourself or on another. And essentially you are picking up energy, manipulating energy, shifting energy to anyone listening in that joined us for our overview of the Lovers, I think it was the last episode that we did all of our Yep. And we talked a bit about chakra energy. So if anyone missed that, go and have a listen to that last episode and get caught up on your seven main chakras. But Reiki energy is essentially kind of assessing all of all of that that's going in within on, within the physical body and around you and your auric field and manipulating it. Okay. So every healer, every, or anyone who practises reiki will operate in their own unique special way. Okay. So for me personally, when I'm working with clients at my studio I am picking up on physical stuff going in with their body on, with their body. Okay. And from time to time, depending on the energy flow between me and that person sometimes a little bit of mediumship will come through. I know a lot of the, the mediums that work with us all over Paula and Nikki, for example. Yep. they, they most certainly as healers, you know, they'll be picking up mediumship messages

Oliver Duke (18:59):

From Yeah, I think Paula sort of, yeah, Nikki, I know definitely Paula will go up to her guides and use her guides to help with the reiki, I think.

Victoria (19:06):

Yeah. Awesome. So I, I work very much in a kind of a very physical sense, you know, so I find when I'm putting my hands onto people, I'm picking up little discomforts in their body, you know whether it's a little, you know, a little heart rhythm thing, you know, something really tiny. Don't get me wrong, I'm not diagnosing anyone <laugh> on my reiki bed, but it can be really helpful, you know, when you're picking up on old injuries, for example, that could actually be a source of a bigger pain that is more distracting. You know, it's, it's really good at getting to the root of kind of physical difficulties that are going on. But yeah, essentially when you, I don't know, a lot of people listening might have had an experience of having reiki, you know I first learned the practise when I was in my late teens.


It was a, a boyfriend that I had at the time. His mother was a reiki master, and I was really, really interested, you know, more so by all the cool stuff she had in her reiki room. She had this beautiful room filled with all these, you know, Buddhas and crystals, and always smelled of incense, and it was just amazing. So this piqued my interest and she got me into the, the practise. And so I've been doing it for a, a long, long time, and I essentially, any, any reiki session, you're gonna begin by connecting with your practitioner. Okay. So they're gonna lay hands on you. It's usually at the shoulders that you would start. And this is when we would set an intention for the session. So you might set the intention to you know, if someone is grieving, you might set the intention for heart healing as you say, as as Paula does.


And I do, I do work with guides as well. So I'll call them in at the beginning of a session and connect with the energy. And this, for me, as the healer, this tells me a lot about what is going on in general with that person lying in front of me. So I know when I've worked on people who are incredibly anxious, you know, maybe there's something going on in life that's really quite scary and they're feeling really, really unsettled, which, you know, is quite often the case when, when people come for a Reiki session. But that, that feeling of anxiety, I'll be able to feel that straight away. You know, it's almost like a physical shake, you know, a really intense buzz that I feel if you're not kinda a chin to reiki you, you maybe wouldn't pick up on that at all, you know?


But for me, I actually have to steal myself, you know, and take a deep breath and really ground my energy down when I know that that's kind of what we're working with, because it's very difficult to not pick up on these physical sensations yourself, you know, when you're working on someone. But yeah, that'll give me a, a bit of an overview of how the person is doing in general, and certainly where their anxiety levels are. And then beyond that, I'll work very intuitively. So some practitioners will be really methodical and work on a person in a very routine manner, you know, sort of scanning the body in their own tried and true ways. I work very intuitively, so I'll see what's going on with the crown, and then from there, anything can happen. And I might spend a full session working in just one particular energy point, or I may be dancing around them, you know, and just having little blasts of energy and manipulating it quite swiftly. It really, really depends on what I'm picking up from them when I lay hands.

Oliver Duke (23:01):

So, would it, so would anyone, sorry to interject, but so would anyone, would everyone doing reiki or every reiki practitioner, would they always start at the Crown, or would they start at the root, or would they start just wherever they like?

Victoria (23:11):

Well, I, I was always trained and have always taught and have always been accustomed to people beginning by setting an intention at the shoulders or somewhere in that upper portion of the body. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> for me, I always start at the Crown. The reason that I do that is because, again, this is kind of linking back to our last episode that we recorded Oliver. Mm-Hmm. But we talked a bit about that crown protection that can be required quite a lot in life. And so if I am at someone's crown and I can feel a kind of rush of energy moving through them, then I know that their crown is wide open, but not necessarily we don't necessarily want that <laugh> that particular moment. You know, we might want to shut it down so that we can get everything else into alignment, you know, really allow the person to be more grounded right.


And sort of in their physical body so that we can work on that energy first. So in my personal practise, I always will go straight for the crown, assess what's going on with that, that will kind of give me an nudge as to what I need to do next, or where I need to put most of the focus for the session. And then I generally will come back up to the crown towards the end of the session and just check the difference in the behaviour, if you like. And I know that sounds like a ridiculous way to describe it, or, you know, it's making it sound like there's something clinical going on. Yeah. it's, it's just my kind of desensitized practitioner speak, I suppose. You know, it's when someone lays on the bed in front of me, it, it's like my hands immediately heat up, you know, I usually get very, very hot just before I start a session as well.


So I'll usually be stripping off layers and my hands get really, really warm. Mm. It's almost like a, a completely unconscious activation, you know, that happens before an intention is even set. And so when I'm talking about the behaviour of the energy, I'll be feeling things like buzzing, tingling, rushing warmth. I might get little spikes of anxiety, you know, like little really sharp bursts of discomfort like a, yeah, just a very powerful, anxious feeling. But of course, it dissipates in nanoseconds, you know, because I'm able to, to just kind of move, move through it, <laugh>. Mm-Hmm. but definitely that's kind of how I'm picking up what is going on with the person that I'm working with. One of the, the toughest ones is if you're having a session with someone who's really in the pits of grief, you know that can be really very difficult. You know, as, as the healer the, it's, you know, I have once or twice being quite emotional myself during a session.

Oliver Duke (26:17):

And would you say you'd mostly have to work, sorry to interject, would you say you'd mostly have to work on their heart chakra in that sort of session, or,

Victoria (26:23):

Absolutely. Yeah. Yes. When someone's heart is broken, <laugh>, you really can feel it, you know? It, it just, it just feels like your heart, heart is broken as well, you know? And of course it, it's quite a skill kind of switching off that transference of that energy while you're pouring some positive energy back into that person. You know, there is a lot of transference, if you like. So it's important for me that I'm really grounded down.

Oliver Duke (26:50):

Sure. I was gonna lead me onto a question I was gonna ask you actually, about transference and about you know, choosing the person that you wish to have the reiki done on you. Is it, is it advisable to make sure that you really do your research, really make sure you're comfortable with the person that's gonna do the reiki on you? Because kind of the way I see it is that person is, you're allowing that person almost into your soul, aren't you? Yeah. so I think in my eyes, it seems really important to sort of make sure you just, you're really, really comfortable and you've spoken to that person. Maybe you even met them first before you let them into your soul. Would you say that would be right?

Victoria (27:30):

I think I would not disagree with that. Certainly not. I think you know, you're, it's, think about any daily situation, of course, we would rather be with someone who makes us feel at ease, you know? And, and so yeah. There's no exceptions when it comes to your Reiki practitioner, but absolutely. That is good advice. The, the difficulty is with a practise like Reiki, quite often Reiki exchanges will take place. You know, there might be kind of closed groups of people who get together. I know, certainly I'm a part of a, a collective of women who share reiki every now and again mm-hmm. <Affirmative> we're always too bloom and busy to get together, but we try <laugh> Yeah. And have regular reiki exchanges. And so that'll quite often be the case. You know, people will kind of work in closed circuits, you know.


But yeah, for sure. Look into who you're gonna visit for a reiki session. I remember a few years ago, I went to a lady in my home town. Now, at the time, I was very ill quite, quite physically ill. And it was a bit of a scary chapter of life. And, you know, I'll be honest, Oliver, I was hanging by a thread at that point, you know, it was really tricky. And so I found a lady who lived in town, I'd never met her before. But I live in a very small place. Okay. So it's, we don't have reiki masters coming out of our ears, <laugh> <laugh>. And so I found her in the Yellow Pages or whatever, and went to her house for a session, and it was, it such a, it was a lovely experience. Okay.


The women, she barely said a word to me, barely a word, and I lay on the bed, and it was like, I wanted to tell her all about all the stuff that was going on in my life. And so it started to, I'm a write chatter box, so it started to all kind of pour out of me. And, you know, she just kind of sat like this silent angel, you know, I could just feel this really peaceful energy that was coming off of her, but she barely said a word, and then she put her hands on me, she works on me. And I sobbed really sobbed all the way through it. And then I never saw it again. You know, I just never saw it again, but it was like I needed that experience. Mm-Hmm. and then not, not too long after that, I got my health back and I was able to get back into my own practise. You know, I certainly wouldn't be wanting to put my hands on to anyone to give them positive life force energy. Well, I'm, you know, in the gutter <laugh>. So it's important that my energy is really, really good before I'm putting hands on

Oliver Duke (30:16):

It. This, this is it. I was just thinking if someone is sort of experiencing or has continued say, unresolved trauma, but they've decided to learn reiki and eventually become good at it or whatever, or become a master, and then they start practising that when they're not fully at peace. Yeah. I'm just wondering what that kind of effect would have on people.

Victoria (30:34):

I mean, I think

Oliver Duke (30:35):

Negatively, I mean,

Victoria (30:37):

Yeah. Yeah. I think, I mean, you know, I'm a bit witchy Oliver, right? Yeah. So I'm, I'm always doing little, my little rituals and my little witchy practises to, to kinda protect my energy or call my energy back in. And I would say, yeah, if you ever have an experience with reiki and your left feeling worse, you know, your life feeling depleted by it, something went very wrong there. So that wouldn't be a, a, a situation that I would want to repeat. But yeah, absolutely. You, you might need to, it's the same, it's the same as anything. You only want to share your energy with the people that aren't gonna take from you, you know? Sure. And so, yeah, you, you're a reiki master for sure. No, nobody, no human being is in perfect alignment at all times. Mm. However, you can be assured, when I have someone booked to come and see me for a reiki session, half an hour before it, I am sitting in meditation, I am cleansing, you know, I'm grounding down.


Mm-Hmm. I'm getting my energy, regardless of what's going on in my life. It's like, it, it's like just this complete switch of energy. It's just through years of practise. Mm-Hmm. You know, I'm able to kind of put my personal stuff on ice completely and just get my energy into a good place for, for working on whoever has come to see me because they need me. And it's wonderful. And, you know, so I'm telling you that story about the lady who barely spoke, but I had a huge emotional release during this session. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know, I am the opposite. So, although Reiki is a really peaceful, you know, for that hour that you're lying on the bed, having your session, it's really peaceful. And you can have some lovely, lovely sensations moving through you, you know, lots of nice kind of tingles and rushing feelings, and it's, it's really nice. And often get quite lucid and enjoy really nice visuals and meditations, you know? But as a, as a practitioner in my own studio, you know, in my own practise where people come to visit me I'm a real blather, you know, so people come in and I want to get to know them a little bit. And you know, so, so that hour we have complete silence and focus and concentration, but I'm always very communicative at either side of the session about what I

Oliver Duke (32:59):

Suppose that helps, isn't it, to get to Yeah. Roots of the problem and stuff like that. Yeah.

Victoria (33:03):

What are we doing here? You know, why have, why have you come to see me? I might put my hands on them and figure out that actually the reasons they thought they were coming to see me are quite irrelevant, you know, that that can quite often be the case. But I definitely will take time before and after a session to talk about what I picked up, what I think could be helpful for them, because it's all very well getting their energy into better shape temporarily. Yeah. But if I send them on their way home, they're gonna be feeling the benefits of that energy for maybe a few days. Hmm. And then it's back to that kind of pre reiki energy state, you know, and that's no use for anyone. I would rather know that someone has lots of information that could be helpful than ask them to come and see me every third day for a Reiki session. You know, that's, that's just not possible when we've all got busy lives to lead mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. so I do, I always like to send people on their way with little tips or you know, give, give them a little crystal from the collection that, that might help them, you know? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, because I I just, that that's the point of being a healer Oliver, you know, it's to help people live their best life. It's

Oliver Duke (34:17):

Sure. Exactly. Well, can you, can you tell people listening, you know, if they're now sort of, haven't had a reiki session before and are potentially looking to seek someone out, hopefully you, if they're near you what are the sort of the, what sort of a handful of good things to look for in a Reiki practitioner? Like on their website or say their social media, whatever, so that you can think, right? Yeah. I really do wanna book with that person.

Victoria (34:40):

Yeah. So there are various levels of practise. So you might, for your first Reiki experience, you might want to seek out someone who is qualified at master level. So that means they've been practising their kind of entry level reiki and a more advanced level of reiki for possibly a number of years, you know, at least two to three years. And then they've developed onto master level reiki. And that, that is gonna be the, the number one indicator that you find someone that you could trust. However, I would say some of the best reiki I have ever experienced, it must have just been right place at the right time. I don't know. But it was a, an acquaintance of mine who had just had her reiki level one training. She'd gone to a retreat <laugh> and did a quick, you know, kind of really intense blast, you know, a course of, of Reiki learning.


And we had an exchange one day and oh, it was terrific. You know, so I think some people just actually have it. Mm-Hmm. You know, some people just have that, it, it's like the, the channels are already open, you know, the connection is already there. This is the thing to say, you know, you might find two people who practise reiki, right? And one of them is has been, you know, is brand new to Reiki. They've only been practising a couple, couple of months, but they've lived a very kind of spiritual and fulfilling life for decades. You might find that they offer you far better exchanges of energy than someone who's been practising for 40 years, but they're not in a very good place. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you know, and so it's, there is a bit of, of luck involved here. And personally I think I'm, I'm so, I have so much faith in my ability to cleanse away any unwanted energy that I would let anybody put their hands on me. Because I know if, you know, if I came away from the experience thinking, Hmm, that didn't work for me, or I feel like something not right happened there, I can just clear it down and do all my witchy stuff and get myself back on track, you know, <laugh>. So what I all I know is that if you come and see me, you'll have the best reiki of your life.

Oliver Duke (36:58):

So of course, I'm sure people will, I know they will. Well that's great to hear all of that about Reiki Victoria, and everyone listening would've got great information on all of that, and and hopefully a much, much better understanding if they didn't know anything about that before. Well, we're gonna wind up this show now. Thank you so much for joining us again today on Psychic Social Victoria. And before we go we are just gonna tell everyone again about 10 Hour Tarot, our video on Demand Tarot course. It's available now@psychic.co.uk. It's 10 hours of video on demand tarot learning, and you can learn at your own pace whenever, wherever you like on any device. And we've got a code from Victoria for that. The course is currently 97 pounds, and you can get it for 77 pounds, so 20 pounds off with Victoria's Code Vic 20, so it's v i c 20.


And that's psychic.co.uk. Go to the website there, you'll find that there, and we'll put some links down in the show notes below. And also, we'd love you to leave us a review if you're listening on Apple Podcasts or any other podcast platform, but Apple Podcasts. If you're there now listening now, please, when the show's finished, do leave us a review. If you'd love the show, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the show. Thank you in advance for that. So, Victoria, thank you so much for joining us once again on Psychic Social. It's been another fascinating talk about the classic Tara Deck, the cards in that, and also about Reiki. And I've learned something about Reiki today as well. So thank you very much indeed.

Victoria (38:28):

Thank you, Oliver. Always a pleasure. Talk

Oliver Duke (38:30):

Soon. Yes, have a wonderful day. Bye-Bye now. Thanks too. Bye. Cheers. Bye.

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