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Where did the Tarot come from?

Amongst all of the divination tools a psychic will use, the tarot cards have to be the most popular.

Normal playing cards back in the early 1400’s in Northern Italy, had an extra suit added (Trump or Major Arcana) including The Fool as card zero. It was then that they were used as a divination tool to read people’s destinies. It really didn’t pick up as a divination tool however until the 1700s. The tarot is split into two categories, major and minor. Major arcana cards represent vices, triumphs, adversities or failures and hold the strongest advice messages in the deck especially when they are laid next to a Minor Arcana card. The Major Arcana constitutes 22 of the 78-card deck. The other 56 are the Minor Arcana, which are four suits of cups, swords, wands and pentacles.

The Four Suits & more:

The Tarot suits are, Pentacles, Cups, Wands and Swords. The four suits are beautifully categorized to help you understand your journey and cover every aspect of what you would want advice and answers on during life’s ups and downs. Once each card is mastered along with natural intuition, you really can get some magical answers to challenges, obstacles and questions that are unobtainable in life.  Nowadays there are all sorts of versions of the tarot including Fairy, Angel and Dragon. Most beginners and even seasoned tarot readers however, will more than likely own or start on the original and popular deck, the Ryder Waite Tarot.

Major ArcanaMinor Arcana

Reading with The Tarot

Once you get your first pack you really will be hooked. It is unexplainable how when you lay your first reading out how it incredibly reflects your life and answers that you need direction on. It is believed that when asking for guidance as you are shuffling, a celestial energy channels through you which then inspires you to pick the right cards.


Most experience stunning results that will address everything that you have asked for whilst shuffling and cutting the cards. There are many different tarot spreads from a basic three card lay out for a quick reading to Celtic spreads that give you a clear picture of your past, present and future.


So, if you fancy learning something different that will help you or you want to become a tarot reader, treat yourself to a pack and start a magical journey into the wonderful world of tarot!

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