Your weekly Horoscope

by Russell Grant


24th January 2022

24th January 2022

Your Personal Horoscope for the week ahead . . .

You may be steady and ready but others are having difficulty just keeping themselves upright and pointed in the correct direction. There are a series of profound shifts headed your way in your personal life. While you may not be able to see the subtle differences just yet, others are starting to see you in a more romantic light. While you might think this is inline with your heart’s desires, the truth is everything has a price. You will find that this means you are not going to get as much done in other areas of your life.

Your house may become more disorganised and your ability to complete work assignments is going to suffer. This is a fortunate time for you in the area of romance, but not so much in other areas of your life. Being more attractive to others always comes at a price, most notably in a lack of getting things done. Though you may mentally want to counter this force, your heart and body have real needs which will overcome your mind’s ability to focus in on anything else.

Instead of fighting your natural desires, take the time needed to fulfil long held romantic fantasies with the aid of more than willing partners. Even if you don’t find a lasting soulmate, at the very least you will be able to enjoy yourself while getting rid of some stress at the same time. You will want to make sure you are very clear about your wants and desires. Asking for what you want is the best way to ensure you get what you need.