Your weekly Horoscope

by Russell Grant


20th June 2022

20th June 2022

Your Personal Horoscope for the week ahead . . .



Be more open to listening to the words and feelings of others. Everyone knows you are a focused person. You keep your eye on the goal and run the race, but others have thoughts and feelings as well. If you continue to ignore what others have to say, you are missing out on the wisdom and new ideas which will help you along the journey. You set the goal; letting others help you achieve it shows your wisdom and intelligence to the world.


Getting your work done quickly can affect your overall performance; diligence is the key. No employer ever promoted or even continued to employ, someone whom they had to correct their work repeatedly. Being able to do the job properly is the best way to ensure you not only are respected by your co-workers but also the person your employer looks at when they need something done the right way. Accuracy is the goal, speed comes later. Plan your week accordingly.


Spending the night with family is worth more than being first in line to see the latest movie; plan your schedule accordingly. Work to find ways to make this summer one which family and friends will remember, and you will find happiness and joy in the other areas of life as well. If you really must attend the premier, then perhaps this is the week to start bringing the family with you to the theatre; help to make this an ongoing family tradition.